Dying Light 2: Stolen Goods Side Quest Walkthrough

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There are many side quests that you can complete in Dying Light 2 when you have gotten bored of playing the story mode or looking for collectibles all around the map. The side quests in Dying Light 2 offer new content with more lore about the characters and their journey in the affected lands.

This guide will cover a walkthrough of the Stolen Goods side quest from Dying Light 2 with all the endings and consequences of each end. The Stolen Good side quest is available after completing The Ball is in Your Court side quest.

Stolen Goods Side Quest

After you unlock the Horseshoe Water Tower and assign the tower to the Survivors, you will unlock the Stolen Goods side quest. You also need to complete The Ball is in Your Court side quest before. The side mission is available from the Survivor from the Horseshoe Water Tower. Talk to him to begin the side quest.

The Stolen Good is one of the most fun side quests of the game and is different from other side quests. You will be working as a detective to find the culprit who stole from Teresa. Teresa is a resident inside the Water Tower walls and harvests flour. All of her flour was stolen the night before, and Teresa accuses Anna of the robbery.

Anna was the one closest to Teresa and the only other person to know where Teresa used to store the flour. Teresa believes that Anna is the one who stole the flour and wants you to ask her about it.

Talk To The Survivor

Start the quest by talking to the Survivor at the Horseshoe Water Tower. He will tell you about the two women fighting each other on the base and wants you to help them with their issues.

Talk To Teresa

Head towards the marker in the east direction inside the Water Tower walls. Teresa will be inside a small enclosure in the corner. Teresa will ask you to talk to Anna and tell you where you will find her.

Talk To Anna

Anna is at the base of the Water Tower, just opposite where Teresa was standing. Knock on the green door two times and wait for her to respond. She will not answer you. Now, look for another way to get inside the Water Tower.

Head to the back side of the tower and climb to the top. You will find an open door from which you can enter inside. Interact with Anna to ask her about the stolen flour.

Anna tells you that she stored the flour in the shed where she usually keeps her stuff locked. The thief stole the flour and left other belongings of Anna untouched.

Look Inside The Shed

The shed is right beside the Water Tower. Go inside the shed to investigate for any clues that the robber left when stealing the flour.

The door of the shed was left unlocked. Head inside and use your Survivor Sense to investigate the area. You will find footprints leading outside the shack.

Follow the trail outside. The footprints trail will lead you to the entrance of the Water Tower where Anna is.

Confront Anna

Anna will tell you that only she and her husband have the keys to the shed. She suspects that it might be Teresa's son Benny or a dealer from the Bazaar called Dodger.

She has more suspicions about Dodger than Benny and believes he is the type of person who would steal from others. Dodger was always curious about Teresa's flour and showed interest in it. She tells you to visit the Bazaar and ask him about the flour.

Talk To Dodger

Head to the Bazaar and enter inside. You will find Dodger inside the first shop on your right.

While talking to Dodger, you will find out that Benny played in the last card game held by Dodger and lost the flour in the bet. Benny owes the flour to Dodger and decides to hide it from him. Dodger believes that Benny might have stored the flour in one of his two warehouses.

Dodger wants you to find the hidden flour and return it to him as it is his property now. He also tells you that he will pay for the service.

Search The Warehouses

Teresa is the owner of two warehouses in the north and south of the Horseshoe region. Head to the warehouse in the south first.

The warehouse will be locked, and you can break in by lockpicking the main door. At the entrance, there will be an electric trap. Jump over the trap and search the room with Survivor Sense. Head to the next room and investigate the wooden floor. Benny will come from behind and tell you to leave the place. When you ask him about the stolen flour, he will kick you to the floor and run away.

Now, head towards the warehouse in the north and break the wooden door to get inside. There will be an electric trap that you can jump over. Interact with the wooden sheet to remove it and reveal a room behind.

Confront Benny

Benny will tell you that he did indeed lose the flour in the card game. While he is confessing, Teresa will come from behind and ask you what's going on.

You will have to choose from two dialogue options, but these will not affect the outcome as Teresa will confess either way that she hid the flour from Dodger.

Teresa will ask for your help to keep the flour away from Dodger and use any other way to make up for the loss.

Make A Deal With Dodger

Head back to the Bazaar and make a deal with Dodger. Dodger will give you an option to clear the debt of Teresa and Benny by completing a race.

You will now have to choose from two options which will decide the ending of the quest you will get.

Let's Settle This Another Way

If you choose to settle the debt another way instead of competing in the race, you will get two more options to choose from.

Your two options will be to betray Teresa and tell the truth to Dodger or to pay the debt.

Choosing to betray Teresa will result in Dodger knowing the location of the flour where it is kept hidden, and he will send his men to retrieve it. The quest will complete and you will get 1500 Combat XP, 1500 Agility XP, and Military Medkit.

If you choose to pay the debt, you will need to hand over 200 Old World Money. It will complete the quest, and you will get 1500 Combat XP, 1500 Agility XP, 4x Flour, 300 Old World Money, Medicine, and Old World Manual.

I'll Do It

Telling Dodger that you will compete in the race will require you to get the "flag" from the top of the church within a time limit. You will get a total of five minutes to climb to the top and retrieve the flag.

Head outside the Bazaar and go towards the church. Use the ramps to climb to the roof of the church and get the flag. Take the flag back to Dodger, and he will forgive the debt.

Head Back To The Warehouse

After paying the debt or completing the race, go talk to Teresa and tell her about the situation.

It will complete the Stolen Goods side quest, and you will get the same reward as you get after paying the debts.

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