Dying Light 2’s Co-Op Will Let Players Vote On Story Choices

The final episode of Techland's "Dying 2 Know" series aired on Thursday, giving us a closer look at how co-op will work in-game. We discovered that Dying Light 2 will be playable in co-op from start to finish and can be completed in a team of up to four players. On top of that, co-op players joining a host will also be able to keep all of their items and player progression when they go back to their own story.

More interestingly, it's also been revealed that co-op players will be able to vote on narrative choices throughout the game. Techland has made Dying Light 2's focus on player choice one of its key selling points, and allowing co-op players a vote does give those wanting to play the entire game co-operatively that element of choice. Unfortunately, if you have a bossy host, they'll still get the final say, but it's an interesting addition that gives co-op players a bit more of a say in the outcome of the world.

A short comparison video was also included in the latest episode, showing off the differences in performance between platforms. Dying Light 2 looks quite nice and run pretty smoothly on PS4 and Xbox One X consoles, but on PS5 and Xbox Series X is definitely where the game shines. The comparisons in this video are very short and not too in-depth, but Techland promises more comparisons are coming later this month.

It's a good job that Dying Light 2 will allow players to jump into a co-op session as some completionists out there as they may need the extra support. It was revealed by Techland earlier this week that Dying Light 2 will take a whopping 500 hours to fully complete and see everything. However, the developers were quick to clarify that the main campaign will only take around 20 hours, increasing to 80 if you want to complete all the side quests.

Dying Light 2 is still expected to launch on February 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with a cloud version planned for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more in-depth details about the game, you can read our preview here.

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