E3 2019: The Simpsons Producers And Writers Are Heading To The Show For A Panel

The writers and producers of Fox’s iconic animated TV show The Simpsons are coming to E3 2019. They will appear on a June 11 E3 Coliseum panel where they will discuss … well, we don’t know. Given E3 is a video game convention, people are naturally assuming there will be a discussion about video games and potentially some news.

But don’t get too excited just yet. A sequel to The Simpsons Hit & Run would be fantastic news, but there is no word yet on if there will be any game announcements during the panel. We don’t even know who from The Simpsons team will be there.

Whatever the case, you can catch The Simpsons panel at E3 on June 11. Presumably it will be streamed live like the rest of the E3 Coliseum panels including the one where Netflix may announce video game adaptations of its shows. The E3 Coliseum is organized by games media veteran Geoff Keighley in coordination with the ESA, which owns and operates E3.

There haven’t been any new Simpsons video games for console/PC in a while. The latest one was 2007’s The Simpsons Game, in which the Simpsons family discovers they have been licensed for a video game. Electronic Arts, which owns the license for The Simpsons video games, released a mobile game called The Simpsons: Tapped Out in 2012 and it was, at least for a period of time, a big-time money-maker.

In 2014, The Simpsons TV producer Al Jean said a Simpsons RPG was considered, going on to say at the time that he thought more Simpsons games would be made someday. Might it finally be time for a new Simpsons game to be revealed? It’s too soon to say but that would be exciting.

The Simpsons franchise is now owned by Disney following the company’s acquisition of the majority of Fox’s entertainment assets. In terms of the TV show, all 30 seasons will be available for streaming on Disney+ when the service releases in the United States this November.

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