EA Does Something Good – And It’s For The Planet

EA gets flak for a lot questionable decisions made over the years. Any comment section on something related to the company tells the story – there seems to be a large number of people burned by EA over the years in some capacity at least. EA has a long way to go to win over the goodwill of gamers again, but it’s nice to see them be the good guy every once in a while. Most recent is their contribution to helping plant 500,000 trees as part of a charity known as TeamTrees.

TeamTrees is an initiative created by the famous YouTuber MrBeast. The goal is to plant 20 million trees around the world in a attempt to make a difference in the environment. A lot of big names have joined the cause including Tesla / SpaceX CEO Elon Musk who donated $1 million which equates to 1 million trees planted. Besting Musk by $1 is CEO of Shopify Tobi Lutke. Other big names include MrBeast himself with 200,0002 trees, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey with 350,000 and in classic PewDiePie fashion – 69,420 trees.

A $500,000 donation is a significant amount of money towards the project and highlights some of the good that EA can do in the world. It gets easy to constantly see the company as the bad guys of the gaming industry and for good reasons, but it’s nice to see them contributing to MrBeast’s cause. Of course, EA is backing the project while in the name of Plants vs. Zombies for the added marketing, but it’s only natural and it ties into the entire campaign quite well.


TeamTrees is an important campaign that has gained traction from major figures in various industries. Their goal of reaching 20,000,000 trees by January 1st is close to being reached as they have over 17 million at the moment. With a little under a month to go, any amount of money donated helps the cause. With all that being said, thank you, EA. Thank you for being the good guy.

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