EA Patent Suggests Targeted Ads Based On Your Play Style

You know how annoying it is when you merely talk about a mattress one time, and suddenly there are mattress ads everywhere you look? Well, they're called targeted ads. These ads are suggested to you based on your online and, in some cases, offline behaviour. It seems that EA wants to take this idea to the next level, related specifically with how you play games.

As spotted by Exputer, a recently published patent by EA reveals that the company may be planning to target games, content, or ads towards you, depending on how you play your games. The patent titled ‘Persona Driven Dynamic Content Framework’, was filed in March and only got published this month, it contains a detailed framework of how players would be categorized and targeted.

"A persona system determines a player persona for a player of a gaming system based on gameplay information for the user and, for example, performs dynamic content generation or additional product recommendations based on the player persona," reads the description in the patent. "The persona system may receive a request for content based on a persona of a player and receive gameplay data associated with gameplay of the player in a plurality of games.

"The persona system may then generate a player persona of the player based on the gameplay data associated with the gameplay of the player in the plurality of games, determine persona based content based at least in part on a portion of the player persona, and output the persona based content in response to the request."

The categories that this technology will split players into include explorer, competitor, collector, support, combatant, tank/lead, commander and completionist. Each has their own parameters, depending on which content will be suggested. However, it's still unclear what exactly EA will be pushing to these players.

This kind of technology is primarily used for targeted ads, based on online behaviour. In terms of gaming, it could possibly be used to suggest games of a similar genre, or even curated player packs and microtransactions within a particular game itself. Of course, as with all patent related news, we may not see this in action any time soon, if at all.

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