EA wants Call Of Duty to be an Xbox exclusive so it helps Battlefield

Sony is dead set against Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard but most publishers don’t care and one is actively in favour of it…

No matter what they may be saying at the moment, about keeping Call Of Duty multiformat, there’s no doubting that Microsoft’s planned purchase of Activision Blizzard is bad news for Sony, not least for how much the franchise will boost the appeal of Game Pass.

Microsoft has implied Call Of Duty won’t become an Xbox exclusive until around 2028 but when asked by regulators whether they view the deal as unfair most third party publishers have said they don’t have a problem with it.

Now EA has gone a step further and said they’re actively in favour of not only Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard but of Call Of Duty becoming an Xbox exclusive.

EA’s logic is that if Call Of Duty does become an Xbox exclusive then it will have less reach than it used to, and so it will be easier for Battlefield to do well as a multiformat rival.

‘In a world where there may be questions over the future of Call of Duty and what platforms that might be on or might not be on, being platform agnostic and completely cross-platform with Battlefield, I think is a tremendous opportunity,’ said EA CEO Andrew Wilson in an investors call.

Other publishers may be following the same logic when it comes to their own titles, which is why none of them so far have objected to Microsoft’s planned acquisition.

Wilson also discussed the failure of Battlefield 2042 and the future of the franchise in general, admitting that: ‘I don’t think we delivered in the last two iterations [of Battlefield]… in the way that we should have. There’s a lot of work that we’ve got to do there. But at its very core, this is an extraordinary IP. And what we’ve seen in the world of entertainment is, great IP is resilient.’

‘We’ve seen movies not live up to the expectations of franchises. Star Wars might be one such franchise. And then you can see what happens when you get the right creative team involved, how they can completely reinvent and grow a franchise,’ he said, as transcribed by Seeking Alpha.

‘I think we have an extraordinary creative team involved in Battlefield now who have unbelievable ambitions to own the first person shooter space.’

Rumours suggest that once it became clear what a disaster 2042 was, EA immediately began working on a new Battlefield game. In fact, it seems likely there’s now multiple games underway, since the publisher has set up a separate studio purely to work on story campaigns for the series.

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