Elden Ring Duellists Debate PvP Etiquette

What are the rules of Fight Club? No, not that one. What are the rules of Elden Ring fights? Using the Duelist's Finger, Tarnished can summon others for a respectful one-on-one fight to the death. It's an integral part of the game's online component, and players are generally respectful and allow some time to sip from the Flask of Wondrous Physik and apply a buff or two, but some players are taking the piss.

There are some builds that can become ridiculously overpowered, but only once you've activated a load of buffs – be the spells, consumables, weapon greases, whatever. Typically, players bow, drink their flask, then duke it out. But it seems some think their opponents should wait while they charge themselves up like an anime character.

Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, -Sableye- has had enough. "People in this community shouldn't expect me to wait 30 seconds for them to turn into an unstoppable God," they argue, and a lot of others agree.

One player says they "put on golden vow and that's it," then they begin the duel. Even so, "Most people still die in 2 or 3 good hits and yet they complain."

Another player reckons this is an issue with the way people craft their PvP builds, focusing too much on min-maxing their character rather than actually having fun. "This is what happens when people get obsessed with meta builds instead of just playing the game and having fun. Just go and swing your weapon and jump around and lose sometimes, it’s ok."

Some players are just sick of all the formalities and waiting around, so they prefer more dastardly tactics. "This is exactly why these days I just invade and shoot people in the back with a jar cannon while they're standing on the edge of a cliff."

Most people agree that once the bow is done, all bets are off and the fight begins. If you're both stood there charging up, great, but if your build relies on a 30-second warm-up to be viable, maybe it isn't as viable as you thought it was.

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