Elden Ring Fans Discuss Which Soulsborne Character They’d Want As A Spirit Ash

Elden Ring’s spirit ashes are a great new addition to the Soulsborne formula. Your own customizable companion to take on the Land Between’s toughest fights whenever you need help–what’s not to love? Elden Ring already has quite a number of spirit ashes for Tarnished to collect, but surely there’s room for more, especially if we expand our search to include other Soulsborne games.

Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, user WatermelonChef asked, "If you could make any Soulsborne character into a spirit ash who would it be?" They showcased their suggestion with art of Bloodborne’s Hunter courtesy of @guriomatchboxxx. Not a bad choice, especially with how few firearms there are in the Lands Between, but I’m not convinced it’s the best choice.

That likely goes to the top comment, which is Sword Saint Isshin, the final boss of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Isshin is absolutely ludicrous and perhaps the biggest reason why so many people fail to finish Sekiro. He’s so overpowered that someone has already turned him into a playable Elden Ring mod. Being able to summon Isshin to fight Malenia for you would utterly trivialize that fight as the two swordmasters clash.

Our next suggestion, courtesy of Jascoe95, is Lucatiel of Mirrah, an NPC from Dark Souls 2. Afflicted with undeath, Lucatiel fears the loss of her memories more than anything else. "I beg of you, remember my name," she says at one point. "For I may not myself…"

FunnyGunPerson takes the third slot with Sekiro, suggesting that he can just "parry everything," but we should note that the player can do that themselves, so Sekiro really doesn't bring a lot to the table. Not like Solaire, who brings a positive energy that would make his Spirit Ash a top-tier pick even if he wasn't particularly effective at tanking Hoarah Loux.

Who do you think would make a good spirit ash from the Soulsborne pantheon? Be sure to leave your two cents in the original thread.

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