Elden Ring Fans Share The Best Messages They’ve Encountered

Messages were a hot topic when Elden Ring launched half a year ago – in-jokes cropped up immediately as peopled called everything from horses to turtles 'dog', while others left 'fort, night' scrawled across the Land's Between. It's a dumb joke that sounds like Fortnite, sure, but the translation confused Japanese players who then went to wait at Fort Haight during the night, expecting something to happen.

And now, seven months on, players are looking back at the best messages they encountered in their journey to slay the lords and regain the Great Runes.

But they're not all regurgitated in-jokes and dog comments – some made references to The Lord of the Rings at Volcano Manor, writing, "Try throwing Elden Ring" by the cliff overlooking a lava lake. Who knows if Frodo, Gandalf, and the Fellowship would've made it through the Land's Between? Maybe.

Another common joke, though one less viral, was people leaving 'snake' or 'snake? Snake!' by ladders, a cute little nod to the children's game snakes and ladders. Hopefully, there aren't any actual snakes at the top of Elden Ring's ladders – though, there might be a few finger spiders crawling about.

Others left messages by the cooking pt at the Roundtable Hold with things like "Try mushroom, then sage", attaching the snap finger gesture to imitate a chef's kiss. Another wrote, "Likely well done" given that the pot has been sitting and stewing for god knows how long. Tough meat for a tough game.

Observational humour is one thing, but how about some light poetry? One message in the Lake of Rot read, "Scarlet rot ' scarlet rot, all the more praise the climbable spot." It'd be easy to think you'd fallen into Wonderland with messages like that popping up.

Aside from gags, people reminisced over the shared sense of dread and dungeoning when finding messages like "I want to go home", giving a communal feel to Elden Ring's difficulty.

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