Elden Ring Invader Glitches Into Boss Fight While Host Is Fighting

It's difficult enough getting to the bosses in Souls-like games when, at any moment, some random could pop into your world and chase you around with a giant axe or some annoying little spells. You can summon your buds and fight them off, take them in a duel and embrace the chaos, or run for the hills. By hills, I mean boss fog. But what if that didn't work?

Entering a boss arena typically sends invaders back to their world, saving you from a PvP fight. It's a little cheap, sure, but if you've died to a boss 20 times and just want to get it over with, the last thing on your mind is etiquette. Elden Ring, like FromSoftware's other Souls games, is no different, but for some, that hasn't worked. Invaders are managing to glitch into boss arenas, and it's unclear why it's happening.

This glitch was shared to the Elden Ring subreddit, but the post was actually about "why people hate invaders". Still, it unearthed a little known glitch that has yet to be patched out. Luckily, in the pic, poster FrostbumbleBitch is sitting down and letting the host get on with the fight, but not every invader will be so kind. There are others with some commom decency, though, and they shared similar stories, "I somehow invaded the final boss room, after the fight was over. The host wasn't there anymore and I got ejected seconds later. Tbh I couldn't have brought myself to kill them anyway, even invaders have to have some limits".

When invading the host, FrostBumbleBitch got plopped outside Rennala's boss fog, unable to go inside to attack the host. But, when the host beat the first phase of the fight and got teleported to the giant water-y limbo, the invader got dragged with them. "I just sat down and watched like that ain't fair to them," they added.

There have only been two times in previous Souls games where invaders were permitted to fight in a boss arena – The Old Monk in Demon's Souls and The Looking Glass Knight in Dark Souls 2, but both are intentional. This is a glitch. The Old Monk is either an invader or an NPC invader, while The Looking Glass Knight can bring in black phantoms through their shield.

One look at the Elden Ring subreddit and you can see that the invading boss problem has plagued the game for nearly a year now, and yet nothing has been done to remedy it. You're not supposed to be able to tag-team a host with the boss fight, but there's a rare chance that it can happen. So, next time you fight Rennala, be careful that you don't let someone slip through the cracks and backstab you while you're avoiding her laser beam of death.

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