Elden Ring Players Discuss New PvP Locations

There are plenty of terrifying enemies in Elden Ring if you're looking to get an ass kicking. However, if you're in the mood for some real punishment, you should try out the game's PvP features. If you're not too caught up in the etiquette of a PvP battle, chances are you'll probably get wiped by some bullshit move thanks to the 20 buffs your opponent has applied.

The game offers stunning locations for Duelists to face off against one another, but the unofficial dueling arena for the community as of now is the Raya Lucaria Academy gate. As mentioned by PCGamesN, the area has a large open space, conducive to all forms of combat, and is far away from any enemies that could interfere with the battle. However, it has been noted that it isn't the perfect arena for a fair fight, as the rain nerfs fire attacks and buffs lightning attacks.

This being the case, a number of Elden Ring PvP enthusiasts took to the Elden Ring subreddit to discuss alternate arenas in The Lands Between. The creator of the thread suggested one of the circular areas at Miquella's Haligtree, however the issue with that arena is that the Haligtree is an optional area, unlike Raya Lucaria, and requires a high skill ceiling to reach. So, not many players might be willing to migrate there.

Another suggestion was the bridge at Volcano Manor. Bridges have always been classic for duels, right from the first Mortal Kombat game. Another redditor suggested using the huge frozen lake area in Mountaintops of the Giants. However, this area will require you to deal with an ice-breathing dragon before getting into PvP.

Regardless of the suggestions, Snoo61755 wisely noted, "The problem is not finding another good PvP location, the trouble is convincing 500k users to make it their new spot."

Speaking of duelists, Let Me Solo Her is probably the best one out there, considering they've beaten Malenia over 2,000 times. They recently asked players to return the favour, as they hosted a special stream where they asked other players to assist them with bosses, starting with Morgott.

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