Elden Ring: Sainted Hero’s Grave Dungeon Guide

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Sainted Hero's Grave is located within Atlus Plateau. There are a total of three Hero's Graves in the Atlus Plateau. These difficult and challenging dungeons in Elden Ring usually reward you with powerful weapons and items to continue your journey to becoming the Elden Lord.

The easiest way to get to this Hero's Grave is from the Rampartside Path Site of Grace. This Grace is on a side path you can access by going South of Windmill Village or North-West of Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace. The dungeon is then West of the Rampartside Path Grace. There will be a Black Knife Assassin outside of the dungeon.

Sainted Hero's Grave Overview

Sainted Hero's Grave Overview
BossesAncient Hero of Zamor
EnemiesImps, Wraith Caller, Grave Warden Dualist, Revenant
Notable LootCrimson Seed Talisman, Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1, Leyndell Soldiers Ashes, Ghost and Grave Glovewort

There is an Imp Statue fog wall just at the dungeon's Site of Grace. Behind the fog wall is the Crimson Seed Talisman.

Dungeon Walkthrough

Continuing straight will lead you to a relatively loot-less room that loops back around. Going right is the true path further into the dungeon.

If you do go straight, you'll run into a room with two Wraith Callers atop a set of stairs. Under and behind the stairs will spawn a Revenant and a Grave Glovewort (5). There is nothing else in this room, but it does loop around to where you would be if you took the other path instead. The wall above the stairs, adjacent to the steps, is a hidden wall that allows this loop.

Taking the right side path instead, you'll notice a symbolic light shining on the ground with an imp standing at the center of it. This light is very similar to the ones that summon chariots in the other Hero's Graves, but you don't have to worry about chariots in this one. Instead, this light provides a battle strategy. Kill the imp and continue to your left.

A shadow imp will drop down and start attacking you. You can't do damage to shadow enemies like this unless you lure them into the light. This is basically a training room. Moving forward, you'll need to do this a couple of times with different enemies.

The previous Wraith Caller room hidden wall leads you to the ledge above you in this room. You'd be able to safely drop down.

You'll notice some more shadow imps in this next room. The light to reveal them is across the room to the right. Note that once you go down the stairs, a Wraith Caller will be behind the stairs and guarding a Grave Glovewort (4). There's nothing else in this room.

You'll want to be very careful in this next room. The general ground in the middle of the four pillars will collapse once you walk on it. Before doing this, walk around it, hugging the wall. Across the trap ground is Leyndell Soldier Spirit Ashes.

Look up and notice that one side of this room seemingly has another path. You'll be able to reach that area later. For now, fall to the ground and think fast.

You will fall into that special light on the ground. Stay here and fight off the various imps that will start attacking you.

It may be helpful to hold a shield up when you fall, so you can be protected and get your barrings before fighting.

Stay in the light until you're safe. There is a Grave Glovewort (3) in this room. Across from the light is a big wooden gate. The lever to open it is to the right. This leads to the next part of the dungeon.


This next area has a ton of guillotines and poisonous undead enemies. You won't have to worry about them because they move really slow and can be killed by the guillotines.

If you have ranged damage, you can stay behind the guillotines and pick them off before moving forward.

The easiest way to get through the guillotines if you're having trouble is to wait for one to slam down, then as it goes up, roll forward. Patiently do this for each one if necessary.

Before going through the guillotines, you'll want to take a little secret path. At the very first guillotine, look up and to your left. To get onto this ledge, you have to get on the top of the guillotine and ride it up, then jump off.

First, you want to wait until the guillotine slams down. It takes a while to rise back up. When it goes down, stand at the very center of it. You'll easily be raised up and you can quickly run and jump off onto the ledge.

In this secret area are more poisonous undead corpses and an Imp Statue fog wall. Watch your corners while heading up the stairs, because these guys are harmless until they get a successful grab attack on you.

Past the fog wall is a Grave Glovewort (5) and two enemies staring at a purple item in the corner. The item is the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1.

If you go up the stairs in this room, it loops you back to the floor you dropped through.

Around the end corner is a Wraith Caller on a horse, which is an alarming surprise. You could try luring it to a guillotine or use this safe corner to fight them since there are no guillotines here.

Pass the mounted Wraith Caller are seemingly two paths. The door at the end leads to the boss and is locked until you complete the dungeon. Head right and up the ladder.

Tread carefully. Once you drop down and try to loot the Human Bone Shard, a Revenant will spawn.

The path will lead you to a bridge that's above the guillotine hall and toward another shadow enemy. This time it's a mini-boss of the Grave Warden Dualist. Just before him is the item Prattling Pate "Let's Get To It".

You'll notice there is no light source in the general area to reveal him with. The tough strategy here is that you must aggro him and lead him all the way back to the third light that is just before the guillotine room.

Get him to chase after you, then drop down from the bridge and head right. Go back to the location where you fell from the ceiling and reveal him with the light. Now the fight can really take place.

Once you defeat the Grave Warden Dualist, the boss door will magically be open. Just go back through the guillotines and to the end doors. You may want to return back to where you originally found the mini-boss to collect the Gloveworts that were in the room.

Ancient Hero Of Zamor Boss Fight

  • Negate frost damage
  • Parry
  • Distance

This is a pretty majestic and intimidating boss. The Ancient Hero of Zamor wields a great curved sword, but that's not all you have to worry about. They do intense frost magic attacks as well. These consist of intense frost storms, spinning attacks, and a similar yet slower version of Hoarfrost Stomp. These will all enable and build up the Frostbite Status Effect.

Items that cure Frostbite buildup:

  • Thawfrost Boluses
  • Stalwart Horn Charm Talisman
  • Bestial Constitution Incantation

As a melee user, your Frostbite will probably build up more than mages would in this fight. If it's a bit high, always back up and play defensive until the Status Effect lessens or leaves. If a Status Effect completely builds up, it eats chunks of your health away if not completely killing you.

This boss is of medium speed but covers a lot of the area with their constant swinging and dancing. If you're a magic-user, this may be an easier fight because you can stay away from these wide berth attacks and do ranged damage. When farther away from this boss, they walk slowly and menacingly toward you. This means you'll have plenty of time to make space and cast spells compared to a faster or larger boss.

Any time the boss goes to its knees in any form, back away. This is your sign that it will start doing major Frost attacks. If the attack is a single line of frost spikes like Hoarfrost Stomp, dodge left or right instead of backward.

Halfway through the fight, the Ancient Hero of Zamor will enchant its sword with Frostbite and use more intense magic and swinging.

The Ancient Hero of Zamor is easy to stagger and weak to magic. Dealing damage will be relatively easy. It's dodging frost attacks and staying safe that will be more challenging. There are similar versions of this boss around the Lands Between. See our guide for defeating him in his Evergaol for a more detailed introspection on attacks and strategies you can use.

Upon defeat, the Ancient Hero of Zamor from Sainted Hero's Grave drops legendary Spirit Ash Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff.

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