Elden Ring: Spirit Ashes Breakdown

Elden Ring is different from its predecessors in various ways, allowing you to tackle the world the way you want to, which opens the door for many possibilities. Elden Ring feels like the obvious next step for FromSoftware and the genre with its many new mechanics and systems at play.

One way that Elden Ring separates itself from the roots of its past is with the new Spirit Ash system, which allows you to summon the Souls of enemies you have slain in battle, offering backup in a time of need or much-needed help during an intense boss fight you've been at for hours on end.

Note: This information is based on Elden Ring's Network Test and is subject to change with the game's full release. We will keep this guide updated when more information becomes available.

How To Use Spirits

To use Spirits in Elden Ring, you will have to acquire their Spirit-Caller's Ash, which will typically be found out in the open world or can be purchased from the various merchants in each region. Once you have a Spirit-Caller's Ash of a Spirit you wish to Summon, you will equip and use it as an item.

Summoning a Spirit will consume a small amount of your FP with only one Spirit allowed out at any given moment. Additionally. Spirits will be disabled when engaging with Elden Ring's online via Summoning other players or partaking in PvP.

Spirit Ashes will also have a health bar which will deplete as it takes damage, causing it to vanish once the bar completely drains. However, it can instantly be resummoned if you have the required FP.

Spirit Ashes

There are many Spirit Ashes you will obtain during your journey through The Lands Between in Elden Ring. Each region in Elden Ring houses unique enemies, likely having their own Spirit you can add to your evergrowing inventory of Spirit Ashes.

There were only five Spirit Ashes in the Elden Ring Network Test, but there will likely be much more than that in the final release. Still, below you will find the complete list of Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring so far. This list will get populated with the new Spirits whenever the game launches early next year.


Spirit Ash NameDescriptionFP CostLocation
Wandering Noble AshesCall upon the spirits of five Wandering Nobles.30Stormfoot Catacombs
Spirit Jellyfish AshesCall upon a Spirit Jellyfish that illuminates its surroundings.30Stormhill
Lone Wolf AshesCall upon three Lone Wolf spirits.55Purchased from the Merchant Kalé at the Church of Elleh.
Noble Sorcerer AshesCalls upon a Noble Sorcerer who can attack targets from a distance.10Purchased from the Merchant Kalé at the Church of Elleh.
Northern Mercenary AshesCalls upon the Spirit of a Nothern Mercenary that deals massive damage to targets.100Murkwater Catacombs

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