Elden Ring YouTuber Unleashes 50 Starved Dogs Against Every Boss In The Game

Strays can be found in the Lands Between with the mangy looking dogs quite the nuisance. Though only small, these starved dogs are as violent as they are nimble, and while they can be handled with a good shield, a pack of them present a bigger challenge. Now a YouTuber has presented a huge pack of these strays to the game's bosses to see if those formidable foes can outlast 50 of the vicious animals.

BjornTheBear is a YouTuber that likes to mess around with mods and has a particular passion for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but also has been making content around Elden Ring. In one of his most recent videos he decided to inflict 50 strays, the Caelid variety, on every single boss to see if they could survive the onslaught (via VG247). With such a large pack, BjornTheBear even had to make sure the starved dogs he used were not the notorious rot or bleed inflicting ones as they're simply too powerful. So how did the likes of Godrick, Malenia, and Radahn fare against 50 dogs?

Against the likes of Sir Gideon Ofnir, Godrick the Grafted, and Rennala, the dogs make short work of them, swamping the bosses and dealing great damage to take them down pretty quickly. Starscourge Radahn fares better taking out all the dogs although not without sustaining heavy damage. Rykard the serpent fares even better with its ring of lava proving insurmountable. One of the coolest moments comes from Morgott, the Omen King who slays the pack with a huge burst. It's well worth watching.

The later bosses prove far too tricky for the pack of 50 strays, with Malenia defeating them all too easily, and the same for Radagon. However, the pack claims a scalp from Astel. But how about their fellow canine, Red Wolf of Radagon? I'm afraid this is where the strength of the pack proves itself, with the 50 starved dogs eating up the Red Wolf with ease.

It's a fun video and kudos to BjornTheBear for bringing us this Elden Ring entertainment and answering a question some of us may have had, namely how do the game's combatants fare against the bosses. Now, we have one answer, for the strays.

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