Epic Seems To Once Again Be Working On A Peter Griffin Skin For Fortnite

A reliable Fortnite insider has reported that Epic Games is currently working on a male skin that is believed to be Family Guy's Peter Griffin, potentially bringing the end to one of the oldest Fortnite character addition rumours.

Long-time Fortnite players will likely know that a skin for Family Guy's Peter Griffin has been rumoured for close to two years now (get ready for a lot of backstory), starting with an official survey sent out by Epic back in July 2021 that listed Peter Griffin as a potential option, alongside characters like Goku and Geralt that have now made it into the game.

This was then backed up when items were found in Fortnite's files that showed an edited version of Peter Griffin fighting The Chicken. This was taken as undeniable proof that Peter was being worked on, but a Fortnite insider revealed that Epic had purposefully placed the files in the game to trick dataminers and weed out who was leaking content before it was announced, leaving the whole thing up in the air.

Hope might have seemed lost (I did warn you that this was a long saga), but a video from Epic Games following the reveal of Unreal Engine 5 held a hint that Family Guy content was being worked on, as eagle-eyed fans spotted a file that read "Family Guy" on one of the monitors. It could have been a troll from Epic, but the other folders spotted on the computer have since happened, implying it was real.

Now, close to a year later, the rumours have started once more as reliable Fortnite dataminers GMatrixGames and FN_Assist are reporting that Family Guy content is actively being worked on. According to them (as reported by Hypex), Epic has been working on a skin codenamed "FrenchFry", which is the name that was initially associated with the Family Guy animations and has since been used while working on any characters with a toon effect.

Since Family Guy is the last of the collaborations spotted in the Unreal Engine video that has yet to be released, several Fortnite insiders are speculating that it's very likely to be the long-awaited Peter Griffin skin. Although the Family Guy animations found in 2021 have previously been claimed to have just been a joke on Epic's part, it seems that they might not have been after all, as the "FrenchFry" codename that was used back then is still being used now.

Whether this is just Epic continuing to troll the community on the collaboration that everyone has memed about since it was even suggested to be an idea, or an actual indicator of Family Guy finally coming to Fortnite for good, isn't clear just yet, but considering we've now seen skins for MrBeast, Rick and Morty, and more, it seems about time that the bird becomes the word.

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