Evangelion Holds Up A Battleship In Crazy Terraria House

Terraria may have received its final update, but that doesn’t mean players are done with it. You can do some amazing stuff in Terraria, and people are still using the game to make incredible works of art.

Such as this piece from Steam user TheaVanherst and Alexmiles. This scene of Eva Unit-02 holding up a battleship took around “70-80 hours” to complete, with TheaVanherst doing most of the work on the Eva while Alexmiles did “the original hull of the ship.”

Everything you see here was done by hand with the help of reference images. To get the full sense of what’s going on, you’ll have to go to the Steam page to look at the 4K image. It shows that every room of the Battleship is full-furnished and even the Eva Unit has internal mechanisms on display.

The scene depicted is from 1997’s End of Evangelion, where Eva Unit-02 defends NERV station (and herself) by lifting up a naval destroyer to shield incoming missiles. The battleship depicted in the Terraria image looks to have a more WW2 design than a ’90s-era destroyer, but it still serves the part quite well.

You can download this map and explore it yourself here. Keep an eye on Thea and Alex’s Steam pages as they plan to make an expansion to this map in the future.

In other Evangelion news, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time is finally done filming almost a decade after the last film released in 2012. It was supposed to release in January, but the Japanese government declared a state of emergency thanks to the second wave of COVID-19. We’ll find out when the film will get a theatrical release sometime in February after the state of emergency ends.

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