Every Playable Character In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Ranked

As of right now there are eighteen playable characters in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Some are gained through story progression while others are more arduous to unlock due to lengthy side quests. The point is there are no DLC characters to rank yet.

Nintendo hasn’t even announced plans for DLC. However, coders have found dummy audio files in the game that may suggest otherwise. Robbie and Purah are among them. Whether they become fighters or not will be determined in the coming months. For now let’s rank the eighteen heroes and villains one can use to lay waste to foes in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

18 Master Kohga

Master Kohga is the Dan of this game from Street Fighter. What this means is that anyone who uses Master Kohga in this game is doing so as a joke. He is awkward to control, is not strong, and literally can get stuck in the ground.

17 Terrako

Terrako is another joke character like Master Kohga. It can be acquired through a series of gathering quests after the main game is completed. He’s not entirely useless in battle, but his late addition makes him a hard choice to play with.

16 Great Faeries

The Great Faeries can be obtained through a long and arduous series of side quests that ultimately don’t feel worth it.

They move two awkwardly on screen and don’t even have that much power despite their massive size. Their reach is at least good and seeing them in action is funny to say the least.

15 Calamity Ganon

Like the Great Faeries, Calamity Ganon is a bit cumbersome to maneuver. He is very strong as one would imagine. However, he too can’t be gained until after beating the game which sort of defeats the reason to have him besides side quests.

14 Zelda

In Hyrule Warriors, there were some decent representations of Zelda in the form of playable characters. Tetra from The Wind Waker was the best. Anyway, this Zelda is weaker than anything that game offered since her weapon of choice is the Sheikah Slate. Zelda does get a new weapon later on, which is better, but she is still lower on the list as most of the game is spent with her Sheikah form.

13 Daruk

Daruk is better than Darunia from Hyrule Warriors. Both Goron heroes are slower than the rest of the bunch but his roll ability does speed things up a bit. He’s got some decent power even if he can be a bit awkward to control smoothly.

12 Yunobo

Yunobo is a bit better than Daruk. Their speed and Strength are almost evenly matched. The one trait that makes Yunobo better though is his comedic abilities like using a rock roast as a weapon while still being tough.

11 Riju

Riju is almost a top tier character. Her lightning special covers a lot of ground and has high damage. Plus she’s super fast. However, that speed also makes it hard for players to control her sand critter especially against just one opponent.

10 Revali

Revali’s strength is his bow and flight ability. Gliding in the air makes him hard to hit from enemies down below as he rains down arrows that can cover wide swathes of areas. The downside to this is that he isn’t that powerful so there is a bit of balance issue there.

9 Teba

Like Yunobo vs Daruk, Teba is a better version of Revali. His speed is a bit behind his, but he excels at both area attacks and single strikes thanks to his secondary charge ability. Plus his bomb variant is pretty wicked.

8 Monk Maz Koshia

Monk Maz Koshia takes awhile to get due to its rarer resources. Once one dies it is worth the effort because he is pretty song. He looks a bit weird icing around as basically a mummy but his weapons of choice are basically those laser weapons from Breath of the Wild.

7 Hestu

This was a genuine surprise in the game. One would think Hestu’s massive size would slow him down but it doesn’t. Sure, normally he is a bit wobbly, but performing combos will help speed up his tempo thanks to the assistance from the Korok Seeds. They are like Impa’s clone ability.

6 Mipha

Mipha has a good reach and a decent amount of power thanks to two things. Her weapon of choice is her spear which is a natural weapon that literally can reach further than say a sword. Performing combos will also create whirlpools which she can then warp into making her fast as well to close in those gaps.

5 King Rhoam

King Rhoam is a late addition to the team, but one worth the wait. The cool thing about his character is that he can switch between his great sword and axe in battle.

Both weapons hit hard in the combo department while still making him speedy.

4 Sidon

Sidon is like the Lu Bu of this game since he wields two spears. That’s where the comparison ends because in a fight, Lu Bu will still win. For this game though Sidon is still a strong fighter thanks to his aquatic powers and dual spears.

3 Urbosa

Urbosa has one of the best secondary abilities in the game. Attacking enemies will build up an elemental lightning meter which players can then use to infuse her attacks with. Along with her decent strength and speed, the lightning really makes her unique and a good choice of a character to main in the game. Her reach isn’t that great though since she uses a short sword.

2 Impa

As it was mentioned earlier, Impa can create clones much like the ninjas in Naruto. Her secondary ability allows her to mark enemies which help build up her special. With that boost, her speed, and the assistance of a clone army, Impa will make quick work of her enemies on the battlefield.

1 Link

Just like in the first Hyrule Warriors, Link is a top tier character in this game. He has a great overall range of strengths from actual attack power to speed. His best trait is that he can use three different weapons from his sword and shield combo to his two handed weapons to his spears. There’s a lot of variety to love here. The one downside to this is that they can’t be switched in battle.

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