Every Suit Available In Dead Space

Isaac Clarke is a video game protagonist with a lot of beloved characteristics. One thing he has that is less reflective of his personality, and more reflective of the world of Dead Space, is the drip. The suits the engineer wears have been iconic since 2008, and the remake brings them to the modern world.

Much of the suits in the Dead Space remake are the cosmetic changes that happen when you upgrade it. When you get the Deluxe Edition, you get multiple cosmetic suits. Some can be obtained when subscribed to EA Play Pro, while others are exclusive to the subscription service. Here is everything you can obtain through the nightmarish journey in the Ishimura.

14 Anodized – EA Play Pro

Of the pre-order bonuses, the Anodized suit is one of the few that is a PC exclusive for EA Play Pro subscribers. The suit can add to the immersion if you know about the process of anodizing, which protects metals from corrosion.

The texture darkens Isaac's suit, making for a realistic look at how metal is affected when anodized. Except for the yellow straps across parts of the suit, you get a gray coloring. While it won't hide you in the shadows from the Necromorphs, it does bring a nice look to have as you dismember aliens.

13 Bloody – Deluxe Edition/EA Play Pro

The Dead Space remake coats Isaac in blood and guts throughout its many gruesome scenes. Like many effects in games, the blood goes away for a clean suit. If you like things to feel grisly while you try to escape the Ishimura, then the Bloody suit is perfect for you.

The bloodied Intermediate Engineering RIG is obtained from purchasing the Deluxe Edition or being an EA Play Pro subscriber. It is one of two brutal-looking RIGs in the game, right next to the gory Infested Suit.

12 Burnished – Impossible Mode Reward

Of the few suits you can unlock by playing the game, the Burnished is rewarded if you dare to try the game's Impossible Mode. It is quite the reward that is worth it for anyone wanting to have style when killing Necromorphs.

It's named after a process of polishing by rubbing a material and creates a dark sheen to Isaac's suit. While it has nothing to do with the process of burnishing, the lights on the helmet are turned red, giving you a sinister appearance when roaming the dark halls of the mining ship.

11 DS-08 – Included For Everyone

The remake tries to be faithful to the 2008 classic, but everything gets a tweak to feel and look modern. If you want that old-school aesthetic, then you have the DS-08 suit to satisfy you, which puts Isaac in the original RIG.

As it's included to every player, you can look like the 2008 version whether you played it or not. The changes are in the bronze plating, giving it a reddish coloring. The helmet has thicker lights and less texture to its plating compared to the remake's revamped version of the engineer's suit.

10 Infested – Deluxe Edition/EA Play Pro

The Infested suit is a true gift to horror lovers. If you pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition or are an EA Play Pro subscriber, then you're able to see Isaac as an infected crew member. It takes the brutal nature of the Bloody suit to a whole other level.

Isaac is brutalized as pieces of him are missing, showing plenty of blood and gore. If you look closely between the bone and entrails, you can see parts that have gone from human to Necromorph. Too bad the aliens are not tricked into thinking you are one of them when wearing this suit.

9 Lone Survivor – Deluxe Edition/EA Play Pro

EA Play Pro subscribers and Deluxe Edition holders get the weirdest suit in the game, Lone Survivor. At first glance, it appears to be a leathery outfit with antlers. When your eyes adjust, you realize that those antlers are hands.

Whoever decorated the suit, presumably Isaac, took the body parts lying around the ship for a creative appearance. For those with a dark sense of fashion, you may find the strung-up fingers and hands for antlers to be cute. Others may avoid you at any parties.

8 Sanctified – Deluxe Edition/EA Play Pro

The Church of Unitology is a group in the game's universe that worshiped the Marker, the relic that made people insane and led to the alien infection. If you see a Deluxe Edition owner or EA Play Pro subscriber wearing the Sanctified suit, they converted.

The dark suit appears normal from afar. When you get a closer look, you see writing on it reminiscent of what you see throughout the game. Like the Infected suit seeing an alternate version of Isaac, we get a look at his appearance if he joined the religion.

7 Venture – Deluxe Edition/EA Play Pro

The Venture suit in Dead Space is perfect when going to battle against Necromorphs. The Deluxe Edition and EA Play Pro exclusive gives an almost Spartan look from Halo to Isaac with a rounder helmet and plating that is fitting for a soldier fighting aliens across the galaxy.

The RIG has a blend of navy blue and white coloring. While it maintains the signature lights across the suit and helmet, it is one of the most distinguished suits that stands out from the rest of the options.

6 Level 1 – Suit Upgrade

You start the game fairly naked. Although Isaac is not in his birthday suit, the starter RIG at the beginning of Dead Space lacks the armor plating from the other upgrades. It highlights how vulnerable Isaac starts out.

The first suit holds 12 inventory slots, which lets you get through that opening as you pick up health supplies and ammo for the Plasma Cutter. Thankfully, you don't have too long to wait before an upgrade arrives for more inventory slots and upgrade paths when you reach a Bench.

5 Level 2 – Suit Upgrade

Parts of Isaac's body, like his right arm and chest, receive some protective plating by the end of Chapter 1 when you receive your first upgrade. Now with a weapon in hand and some armor, you can feel more secure.

After spending the 10,000 credits, you receive some stat bonuses from the second-level suit. It grants five percent damage resistance and bumps your inventory to 18 slots. Now you can take more of a punch and grab more items to assist you on your adventure.

4 Level 3 – Suit Upgrade

The next suit upgrade takes some time, and looking, to obtain it. In Chapter 4, you can find the schematic on a bench in the EVA Prep room. It will be more expensive than the last upgrade, but it will be worth the money spent for the stat bonuses it grants, like all other upgrades.

After spending 20,000 credits at the store, you will receive more damage resistance and inventory slots. The resistance hit ten percent, and the inventory will hold 22 items. Aesthetically, Isaac will see more bronze plating to cover his body and some additions to his helmet.

3 Level 4 – Suit Upgrade

By the time you reach the fourth suit upgrade, the armor plating will be more uniform to give you a more secure feel in your RIG. All you need is to go to the downstairs workbench in the Equipment Workshop in Chapter 7.

It costs 35,000 credits at the store before stepping in for the additional plating. The damage resistance reaches 15 percent, and you can carry 26 items in your inventory. By this point, you will need that space to store weapons, ammo, and other supplies.

2 Level 5 – Suit Upgrade

Complete Isaac's armor set with the fifth suit upgrade in Dead Space. The maximized armor is found in Chapter 10 on a bench in the bathroom. If you have enough credits (60,000), then you will be all set for the Hive Mind boss battle.

The last stretch of the game will leave you with 20 percent damage resistance and 30 inventory slots. It gives plenty of freedom to load up on ammo and supplies to blast through the hordes of Necromorphs awaiting you and defeat the final boss.

1 Level 6 – New Game Plus

Give Isaac an almost Punisher look with the sixth leveled suit, which is obtained by completing Dead Space and replaying it on New Game Plus. The black and white suit has an almost skeletal appearance that makes you look like the ultimate Necromorph killer.

The upgrades from the final suit upgrade are less drastic than the previous ones. You do not gain any new inventory slots, maxing you out on 30. You receive 30 percent of damage resistance, preparing you for any difficulty setting you select for your second playthrough.

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