Every Weapon In NieR Replicant Ranked

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is known for its rich story, a phenomenal cast of characters, and its superb world-building. However, what rarely gets dragged into the spotlight are the weapons in the game.

With the added Weapon Stories and updated combat system in ver.1.22, NieR is drawing much-needed attention to its weapons. NieR Replicant has thirty-four weapons, each distributed across three types: One-Handed, Two-Handed, and Spears. Many of the weapons will be obtained via exploration or quests, while others will have to get purchased from vendors with Gold. Weapons can also be upgraded, making some weapons shine more than others that may be better in their base stats.

34 Nameless Blade

The Nameless Blade is the first weapon players will use after the intro sequence in NieR Replicant. Unfortunately, this blade isn’t all that powerful and will likely get replaced as soon as possible.

When upgraded to its maximum potential, the Nameless Blade only outputs 204 damage, which is the lowest out of every other weapon in the game.

33 Nirvana Dagger

Located on the second floor of the Lost Shrine, players will likely obtain their second weapon in NieR Replicant, the Nirvana Dagger.

Unfortunately, the Nirvana Dagger isn’t a significant weapon in the long run. When upgraded fully, the Nirvana Dagger offers 213 damage, making it the second weakest weapon in the game, just ahead of the Nameless Blade.

32 Moonrise

Moonrise is a one-handed sword that is unfortunately not much of an upgrade over the past two weapons listed.

Although the Moonrise is more powerful than both the Nameless Weapon and the Nirvana Dagger, it remains the third weakest weapon in NieR Replicant. Moonrise, when fully upgraded, only offers 217 max damage.

31 Rebirth

Rebirth is one of the better low-level weapons for the early game, but it is still relatively weak.

At max level, Rebirth reaches 221 damage. It is much better than anything listed before it but is not an endgame weapon by any means.

30 Lily-Leaf Sword

The Lily-Leaf Sword is one of the more significant leaps in terms of weapon power the player can have in the early going of NieR Replicant. The player can purchase the sword from the Village Blacksmith for 2,400 Gold.

At its max level, the Lily-Leaf Sword will deal 250 damage and 60% Magic Power. The Lily-Leaf Sword is one of the best early-game investments the player can make, so long as they don’t expect it to dominate the entire game.

29 Blade of Treachery

Although the Blade of Treachery isn’t much of an improvement over the Lily-Leaf Sword, it will be an excellent replacement.

When fully upgraded, the Blade of Treachery offers 255 damage and is a heavy-weight powerhouse in early-game situations. This blade won’t last the entire game but will certainly do its job and do it well until retired for something else.

28 Faith

Faith is a one-handed sword that players will get good use of, especially if they missed others.

When maxed out, Faith deals 266 damage and offers 50% Magic Power. However, what makes this blade great – especially in the early game – is its lightweight. Even when fully upgraded, the Faith only reaches moderate weight, allowing for the wielder to get many hits in.

27 Iron Pipe

The Iron Pipe is a decent one-handed weapon that unfortunately gets held back how the player obtains it. The player will automatically receive the Iron Pipe whenever they finish Route B. However, by then, players will already have a breadth of other weapons that are significantly more powerful than the pipe.

When leveled up completely, the Iron Pipe will deal 266 damage. However, in its favor, the Iron Pipe will never change from being lightweight. Meaning it is one of the few light weapons that can output that kind of damage. Still, the Iron Pipe isn’t an overall great weapon.

26 Earth Wyrm’s Claw

The Earth Wyrm’s Claw is one of the first examples of a weapon that benefits significantly from upgrading it.

Upgrading the Earth Wyrm’s Claw the entire way will gradually decrease its weight from very heavy to moderate and make its damage shoot up to 271. Additionally, the Earth Wyrm’s Claw also offers 60% Magic Power when fully upgraded. This claw is one of the better mid-tier weapons in NieR Replicant and should get looked into in the early goings.

25 Ancient Overlord

The Ancient Overlord is one of the best mid-tier weapons in NieR Replicant due to its weight and damage output.

Unlike most weapons in the game, the Ancient Overlord will remain “very light” whenever upgraded. Furthermore, the weapon will offer 283 damage when fully upgraded, making it a devastating weapon in the mid to early late game.

24 Beastbain

The Beastbain is one of the more powerful one-armed swords in NieR Replicant. Players can purchase the Beastbain from any Blacksmith for 16,800 Gold from the start of the game.

What makes the Beastbain good is if players were to save up and purchase it early on, it would sustain them through a large chunk of the game. In the early to mid goings of NieR Replicant, nothing will outpace the Beastbain’s power. Additionally, when fully upgraded, the Beastbain deals 313 damage, which is a significant jump over anything else listed prior.

23 Labyrinth’s Whisper

Although the Labyrinth’s Whisper has the same damage output as the Beastbain and is slightly harder to obtain, it barely ranks higher than it, thanks to its heavy attacks.

The Labyrinth’s Whisper is a Very Heavy one-handed weapon that deals 313 damage whenever it gets fully upgraded. Thanks to its unique design, wielders will be able to take on multiple targets with this weapon.

22 Phoenix Dagger

The Phoenix Dagger is one of the best one-handed weapons in NieR Replicant and can get purchased in Seafront for 31,200 Gold near the end of the game.

When fully upgraded, the Phoenix Dagger will output 346 damage and remains at Moderate weight no matter how many times you upgrade it. This dagger packs a heavy punch and can be swung multiple times in rapid succession.

21 Transience

When players start Route B, they will finally be able to use Spears and Two-Handed weapons, and both are seemingly better than most one-handed weapons in the game due to their high damage output and crazy combinations.

The Transience spear is better than any of the one-handed weapons from Route A and can stun-lock enemies in place with quick hits. When fully upgraded, the Transience deals 368 damage, making it dominate any weapon before it.

20 The Devil Queen

The Devil Queen a mighty spear that can carry players throughout the remainder of Route B if upgraded.

The Devil Queen is one of the better mid-tier spears in NieR Replicant and can deal 383 damage when fully upgraded.

19 Beastcurse

Right before the P-33 boss fight in the Hunk Heap, players can obtain the Beastcurse spear.

The Beastcurse is a heavy spear that will deal 399 damage when fully upgraded. The weight will remain Heavy when upgraded. Getting used to its slow attack speed can be tricky, but this spear can be deadly once mastered.

18 Fool’s Embrace

The Fool’s Embrace is the best one-handed weapon in NieR Replicant. However, even then, it falls short of many other weapons in the game.

Being able to reach 400 damage when fully upgraded makes the Fool’s Embrace a more vital weapon than most others in the game. The Fool’s Embrace is one of the few new weapons added via DLC and can only get obtained after completing Route A. However, if players only like one-handed weapons, the Fool’s Embrace is the best of its class and should suffice for the rest of the playthrough.

17 Dragoon Lance

Found towards the end of Route A, within the Shadowlord’s Castle, the Dragoon Lance looks to replace your current weapon.

In terms of overall power, the Dragoon Lance offers 442 damage when fully upgraded and 60% Magic Power in addition. If players enjoy using lances, the Dragoon Lance should satisfy them for the duration of Route A and beyond.

16 Labyrinth’s Shout

Players will be rewarded with the Labyrinth’s Shout upon completion of “The Damaged Map” sidequest.

Going through all the steps to complete the sidequest can take a lot of time, however, rest assured, it is worth it. The Labyrinth’s Shout, when fully upgraded, will deal 460 damage. The spear is very heavy, so it can take some time to get used to, but it will be devastating in the right hands.

15 Spear Of The Usurper

Players can purchase the Spear of the Usurper in Seafront during Route B of NieR Replicant for 19,200 Gold.

If players can justify the purchase, the Spear of Usurper can be well worth it when fully upgraded. The spear will deal 600 damage when fully upgraded and has 70% Magic Power in addition. The Spear of the Usurper also doesn’t get all that heavy, only jumping from Very Light to Moderate weight.

14 Sunrise

Much like the Spear of the Usurper, the Sunrise spear can also get purchased. However, the cost is a bit more at 21,600 Gold and must get bought in the main Village instead of Seafront.

Fortunately, with the price hike comes greater power. The Sunrise, when fully upgraded, deals 625 damage with an additional 70% Magic Power. The only downside to the spear is it goes from Moderate weight to Very Heavy, making it take some time to get familiar with each upgrade.

13 Kusanagi

The Kusanagi is the first two-handed sword players can use in NieR Replicant, and it can be used throughout the entire game if reinforced.

The Kusanagi may not be the best two-handed weapon in the game, but it is one of the better mid-tier weapons in the game. When upgraded fully, the Kusanagi will deal 659 damage and remains a lightweight two-handed sword. The only downside is the sword only offers 40% Magic Power, which is lacking compared to others in its class.

12 Fang Of The Twins

Found within the basement of Emil’s Manor, players can discover the Fang of the Twins within a breakable crate.

The Fang of the Twins is one of the more uniquely designed spears and among the more powerful ones. When fully upgraded, the Fang of the Twins deals 686 damage and 50% Magic Power, making it a mighty weapon for most encounters.

11 Captain’s Holy Spear

The Captain’s Holy Spear can be purchased from the Blacksmith in Facade and costs 32,400 Gold. The spear can be well worth its asking price if upgraded.

When fully upgraded, the Captain’s Holy Spear will output a devastating 693 damage and offer 80% Magic Power, significantly higher than most weapons in its class. The only downside to the Captain’s Holy Spear is it will become Very Heavy, which can turn away many players. However, if mastered, this spear can carry you the distance.

10 Beastlord

The Beastlord is one of the better late-game weapons in NieR Replicant and can safely be used throughout the entire game after obtaining it on the Lost Shrine’s roof.

When fully reinforced, the Beastlord will output a staggering 715 damage and remains Heavy throughout each upgrade. The only downside to the Beastlord is its modest 50% Magic Power, but its power more than makes up for it.

9 Phoenix Spear

Players will be able to purchase the Phoenix Spear from the Facade Blacksmith for a whopping 32,400 Gold.

Although, even with its high asking price, the Phoenix Spear more than makes up for it. When reinforced, the Phoenix Spear deals an insane 721 damage and offers 80% Magic Power. Even when upgraded, the spear keeps its Moderate weight, making it easily one of the best in its class.

8 Fool’s Accord

The Fool’s Accord is a few newly added weapons in NieR Replicant and is obtainable by accessing the game’s DLC chapters.

Although it possesses the same stats as the Phoenix Spear when fully upgraded, 721 damage, and 80% Magic Power, what gives it a slight edge over it is it doesn’t require 32,400 Gold. However, the only downside to the Fool’s Accord is it a Very Heavy weapon, which might draw players away.

7 Iron Will

The Iron Will is one of the more unique two-handed weapons in NieR Replicant and is also one of the most powerful ones.

When fully upgraded, the Iron will output 730 damage and offer a modest 50% Magic Power. However, what makes this weapon unique is it will start as Very Light and gradually get heavier with each enemy you kill.

6 Phoenix Sword

Found within the Shadowlord’s Castle, players will be able to obtain one of the best two-handed swords in the entire game, the Phoenix Sword.

When fully reinforced, the Phoenix Sword will deal a massive 760 damage and remain at Moderate weight. It will also grant 60% Magic Damage, making it slightly better than most other weapons in its class.

5 Axe Of Beheading

The Axe of Beheading is one of the most powerful weapons in NieR Replicant and can get purchased from the Village Blacksmith for only 19,200 Gold.

When fully upgraded, the Axe of Beheading will deal a massive 807 damage and remains Heavy with each upgrade. The downside is it only has 40% Magic Power, but the damage more than makes up for it.

4 Vile Axe

The Vile Axe offers tremendous amounts of damage and can get purchased from the Seafront Blacksmith for a whopping 21,600 Gold.

The Vile Axe, when fully reinforced, deals an absurd 841 damage. However, its downsides are its modest 50% Magic Boost, and its weight jumps from Moderate to Very Heavy when upgraded. However, if players can look past its shortcomings, they will be chopping their way through enemies with no issues.

3 Labyrinth’s Song

Rewarded upon completion of the “Disturbing the Sleep of Kings” sidequest is the Labyrinth’s Song.

The Labyrinth’s Song is amongst the best of the best. When fully upgraded, this behemoth two-handed sword will deal a devastating 860 damage and offer 60% Magic Power. Its only downside is its weight is always Very Heavy, but overcoming that hurdle is well worth it.

2 Fool’s Lament

The Fool’s Lament is a new weapon added into NieR Replicant, obtained in the World of Recycled Vessel DLC after completing Route A.

When fully upgraded, this two-handed behemoth will deal 999 damage and offer 80% Magic Power. Unfortunately, with those absurd stats comes a downside. The Fool’s Lament is a Very Heavy weapon, but it is worth your time to try to master its movement and attacks.

1 Secret Weapon

After completing Route E, players can travel to The Aerie and retrieve the Secret Weapon.

The Secret Weapon cannot be enhanced but offers 999 damage regardless. However, it doesn’t have any Magic Power and is Extra Heavy. The trade-off of not having to upgrade it to reach 999 damage may be worth it to some, and others may still prefer the Fool’s Lament.

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