Evil Genius 2: Cult PC game capitalises on genre newly popularised by Two Point Hospital

Despite that, Rebellion is doing a phenomenal job of competing with how we thought these games looked and delivering something that – truly – is unlike anything else out there right now.

It’s not just the old features coming back that make us happy: the developer has also made some changes to the formula that make the whole lair-building aspect even more entertaining. 

You can merge rooms in the title, for example, making the lairs feel even more customisable than before. Each of your three arms of evil (Muscle, Science and Deception) can be built and operated together, and planning your efficiency is a vital part of running the lair. 

You’ll only ever have direct control of your villain and your henchmen, too: the grunts will do the rest of the legwork. But improved UI and immediately identifiable icons that refer to traits or status make overseeing your ant’s nest of treachery a fun and consistently interesting task.

Evil Genius 2 is currently without a release date, but it will launch on Steam when the time for world domination is upon us.

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