Fable IV leak reveals you don’t have to be the hero

The first major leak of Fable IV info describes a brand new world in which you get to do whatever you want – including ignoring the story.

At this point the biggest surprise Microsoft could unveil at E3 is that they don’t have a new Fable game in production, but that’s looking increasingly unlikely at this point.

But although Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is widely believed to be working on the game there have been no substantial leaks of any other kind… until now.

And even now the source – a random poster on Reddit – isn’t great and might have been ignored if it hadn’t been backed up by the well-respected leaker Nibel on Twitter.

The curious thing about the leak is that it originally came with a video, but both it and the description were quickly taken down – and nobody managed to grab a copy of the video.

As you can see, the text was saved, and briefly describes a setting in which the original game world has been ‘reduced to fables’, after a mad king wished an asteroid into hitting the planet.

The story starts after society has rebuilt itself to the same level as the first game (which is one way to get around the fact that the third game was just hitting the industrial revolution) and the continents have reformed.

That means no guns, the ability to build your own towns, and so much freedom you can completely ignore the main quest and never become a hero if you don’t want to.

There’s not much other detail, other than the vague promise of multiplayer, but some series regulars will return, including Jack of Blades, Theresa, and the Heroes Guild.

Time travel will also apparently feature as a gameplay element, as you fight to prevent a second asteroid strike (we guess the mad king must really hate dinosaurs or something).

Without the video as proof this could all easily be fake but it’s now only a few days till we find out for sure, with Microsoft’s pre-E3 media briefing due to take place at 9pm on Sunday, 9 June.

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