Fall Guys: Let’s Get Kraken Event Guide

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Fall Guys is kicking off their latest season, Season Three: Sunken Secrets, with a new in-game event: the Let's Get Kraken Event. Following this season's theme, you can complete various event challenges to earn a different aquatic-themed cosmetic items.

Lasting longer than most in-game events previously hosted, the Let's Get Kraken Event will be available until December 3, 2022, taking place over the course of about two weeks. We've got you covered with everything you need to know about this event, allowing you to secure each and every event-exclusive reward being offered.

Event Show: Let's Get Kraken

Some challenges for this event will require you to complete tasks while playing the event Show, Let's Get Kraken. This Show is strictly composed of new Rounds introduced to the game with the latest season, following the Solo Show format. This limited-time Show will contain the five brand-new levels that came with the launch of Season Three: Sunken Secrets, each found below.

  • Hoop Chute
  • Speed Slider
  • Blastlantis
  • Puzzle Path
  • Kraken Slam

Event Challenges

There are ten Event Challenges, requiring you to perform various tasks in different Shows currently available in the game. The completion of each of these challenges will reward you with 100 event currency, used to redeem the different rewards that are being offered for the Let's Get Kraken Event.

Below you can find each of these Event Challenges accompanied by their completion requirements.

The final two Event Challenges will be locked until Tuesday, November 29, prohibiting you from completing this event until then. This guide will be updated once these two challenges are available.

Challenge NumberChallenge Requirement
1Play Let's Get Kraken one time.
2Qualify from Any Round in Let's Get Kraken five times.
3Play Solo Show one time.
4Qualify from Any Round in Solo Show six times.
5Play Duos Show or Squads Show one time.
6Qualify from rounds in Duos Show or Squads Show six times.
7Play Time Attack one time.
8Play Time Attack five times.
9Locked until Tuesday, November 29.
10Locked until Tuesday, November 29.

Event Rewards

There are six different rewards being offered for this event, mainly following the aquatic theme of this Fall Guys season. To obtain each of these rewards, you will have to accumulate a set amount of the event currency earned through the completion of Event Challenges.

Each of these six rewards are provided below with the amount of event currency needed to obtain them.

You do not need to spend the event currency to redeem the different event rewards.

You will keep the same amount of event currency after claiming each of the rewards.

Event RewardEvent Currency Required
"Let's Get Kraken" Nickname100
"Deep Sea Bean" Nameplate200
200 Kudos400
"Ancient Alloy Anchor" Costume Upper600
"Kraken Tentacles" Pattern800
"Golden Sands Anchor" Costume Upper1,000

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