Fall Guys Mobile warning as fans ask when Fall Guys is coming to Xbox One

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a massive hit on Steam and PS4 but is yet to make the jump to other platforms. So if you see any videos or adverts online that suggest that they have the game on Android and iOS, you can know that it is a scam. Pointing out a recent video on YouTube, the official Fall Guys Twitter account had this to say about Fall Guys on Mobile: “Fall Guys is only available on PC & PS4, If you see any ads for a mobile version they are scams.”

“They’re literally playing a video and pretending to play it. There’s literally a mouse cursor on the screen.”

There has been no word on when such a project could be put together for Mobile platforms, meaning there’s no guarantee Fall Guys will ever be playable on Android or iOS devices.

The good news is that Fall Guys could be coming to Xbox One or Nintendo Switch in the future.

The downside is that there are no current plans to port Fall Guys to any other platform in the coming months.

The latest update on the subject was shared via the game’s Twitter account, which has been dutifully answering fans questions over recent weeks.

The latest statement regarding Fall Guys coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One reads:

“Getting lots of questions about platforms – We’ve answered in a few places but once more for everyone:

“We’re focusing on PC & PS4 right now. We’d love to release on more platforms in future.

“I personally love the Skyrim memes; I hope we release on smart fridges too.”

The Express Online recently asked developer Mediatonic if there are any plans to port Fall Guys to new platforms in the future.

“Ultimately we’ve built Fall Guys to be as accessible as we can so we’d love to get as many people playing as possible,” explains lead designer Joe Walsh.

“For now though we’re really only focusing on PS4 and PC. The hype is already much bigger than we could have imagined and I think we’re going to have our hands full as it is!”

For those who have yet to see the game in action, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout drops 60 players into a selection of outrageous obstacle courses.

Inspired by TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Ninja Warrior, Players must survive each course to move to the next round and attempt to nab the golden crown.

A battle royale game with a difference, it’s a fun, colourful and unique take on a subgenre dominated by first and third-person shooters.

For now, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will remain available on PS4 (where it’s now free with PlayStation Plus or as a Store purchase for £15.99) and Steam.

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