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It's time for another Fall Guys limited-time event, this one a tad different from those previously hosted. Titled the Silent's Memories Event, this event is all but clear when it comes to its theme and requirements, littered with cryptic phrases and messages.

Seemingly hinting about the upcoming Fall Guys Season, this event will only be available for a short duration, concluding on November 21, 2022. Unlike past events, the requirements and tasks are unclear at first glance, but don't worry, we've broken down everything for you to ensure that you're able to complete this event, earning you several unique rewards.

Event Shows

For this event, there are 10 different event Shows, each only consisting of one Round. During this event, there will be three of these shows active at a given time, each being rotated out and replaced every two hours.

You will need to complete a mission for each of these shows if you wish to obtain all event rewards available, so make sure you are taking note of when each one is available to play.

Additionally, the names and descriptions of these shows are vague and cryptic, making it impossible to determine what each one has in store. We have provided the names and Rounds for each of these ten event Shows below.

Show NameLevel Played
T. LOST CSki Fall
D AT CHoopsie Legends
N PAST. LBig Shots
T CITY, FHex-A-Gone
Y, FOUND ASweet Thieves
T LAST. BJump Showdown
T. BEYOND TStompin' Gound
D THE BBlast Ball
E, SUNKEN PPegwin Pool Party

Event Missions

There are ten different event missions available for this event, each relatively unclear when it comes to their specific tasks and requirements. Each of these missions requires you to participate in one of the ten event Shows, presenting you with a unique task depending on the Round that is played.

The completion of each of these challenges will reward you with 100 Question Marks, the currency used to unlock the different rewards available for this event. Below you can find each of these event missions, accompanied by their specific requirements.

Mission NumberMission DescriptionMission Requirement
1Icy slopes… Leaping… Scoring! Slipping… Falling…Score 10 points by jumping through hoops in Ski Fall.
2Step carefully! Just a few more seconds to survive…Survive for 30 seconds in the Round Hex-A-Gone.
3Ah, sweet memories! And winning will be even sweeter.Win one Round of Sweet Thieves.
4So many hoops to jump through… I need more points…Score 10 points by jumping through hoops in Hoopsie Legends.
5I can survive this Showdown, at least for a few seconds…Survive for 20 seconds in the Round Jump Showdown.
6The Rhinos are loose! Run for it!Survive for 30 seconds in the Round Stompin' Ground.
7Red flash! Blast off! Throw before it's too late…Throw 10 Blast Balls in the Round Blast Ball.
8This could be the peak! I can see for miles from here…Play one Round of Fall Mountain.
9These birds can't fly! But I'll hold them tight…Carry Pegwins for 30 seconds in the Round Pegwin Pool Party.
10Cannons? No, I can't be knocked off course! Not yet…Survive one Round of Big Shots.

Event Rewards

There are six different rewards being offered for this event. Each of these rewards can be redeemed once you have accumulated a set amount of Question Marks, earned through the completion of various event missions. Each of these rewards can be found below with the number of Question Marks needed to obtain them.

You do not need to spend Question Marks to redeem the different event rewards.

You will keep the same amount of Question Marks after claiming each of the rewards.

Event RewardQuestion Marks Needed
"Silent's Memories" Nickname100
200 Kudos200
"Baffled" Pattern400
"Mysterious" Nameplate600
"Strange Belt" Costume Lower800
300 Kudos1,000

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