Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory – How To Defeat Mercer

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Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory has a few boss types. Nearly every boss falls into one of these broad categories, and they are Exemplars, Full Fledged, and Throwaway. Mercer most definitely fits into the latter of those categories. Heck, he doesn’t even have a unique model – it is used in later missions as a standard enemy.

This makes Mercer quite the underwhelming opponent – at first. However, Mercer, whilst looking fairly generic, has a unique set of skills that make him stand out more than the other throwaways you have taken down up until this point. In fact, Mercer has more attacks than most other bosses, and this makes him uniquely challenging.

Mercer’s Attacks

Mercer is a tank first and foremost. He is slow, he doesn’t deal much damage, and at first, his attacks are fairly underwhelming. As the fight rages on, however, Mercer slowly expands his toolkit and is able to unleash devastating attacks with very little downtime.

Shield slamMercer Leaps toward the party, pauses for about a second and then slams his shield into the closest Exemplar.This attack is incredibly simple and is easily blocked as it is heavily telegraphed. You can then use this opening to counterattack.
Spectral GashMercer deals damage to the Exemplar at the back of your party.This attack is unusual. We can’t say for absolute certain, however, we believe this attack is unblockable. We were never able to land a successful parry. Thankfully, the damage is low.
Tarquinius ShieldMercer takes up a defensive stance and decreases all damage taken.If you attack Mercer enough, this stance will eventually break. Try and leverage your best Deathblows to deal with the most damage possible.
Casandra’s LunacyMercer summons the image of a goddess who launches meteors at the party.This attack can deal a lot of damage – especially to your backline. Time your blocks to prevent damage. You can also use Zulfiqar’s Link Attack, however, it won’t stop all the meteors.
Spellweaver CallMercer summons a Spellweaver to assist him in battle.Mercer will resummon this minion when it dies, so your best bet is to ignore it and focus on Mercer.
Swift AccelerandoSpellweaver buffs Mercer with Haste.You can either kill the Spellweaver (not recommended) or use a Deathblow to Seal the Spellweaver and prevent it from casting spells.

Which Exemplars To Use

Zulfiqar is an excellent tank, as per usual. His stats are great, and his Link Attack is outstanding at providing on-demand defence. Backing him up should be Apollon. Apollon has access to Falcon Feign which can reduce Mercer’s defences, making him much easier to damage (and kill).

For your final slot, consider a character like Winchester or Mjolnir – basically, you want a DPS Exemplar. This will round out your team and make taking Mercer down that little bit easier.

Battle Strategy

The strategy here is to kill Mercer as quickly as possible. His Speallweaver buddy is more than a nuisance, and if Mercer is a round too long, his overwhelming attacks can really take their toll. Thankfully, many of his attacks are fairly easy to block due to the speed at which they travel.

A constant stream of aggression should do the trick, and remember to use Zulfiqar’s Link Attack to block on a whim. With Mercer down, you are free to move on.

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