Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory – How To Defeat Mjolnir

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With the Manticore dead, Laendur is back doing his usual rebelling. This of course means traipsing around the countryside, fighting monsters, bandits, and enemy soldiers. More importantly, this means Laendur is subduing more Exemplars. Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory’s latest Exemplar, is the hammer-wielding (and aptly named), Mjolnir.

Mjolnir is all about the smack. His hammer is bigger than he is, and that’s quite the feat considering how wide (if short) this hairy ball of rage is. He hits hard, he’s deceptively fast, and by the Divine, he will end any Exemplar's life that gets in his way and isn’t packing some serious reflexes.

Mjolnir’s Attacks

Mjolnir has a fair few attacks, but they all tend to follow the same core idea – hit the thing with the hammer. He has a few mixups to, well, mix things up, but in general, if you can stop a hammer, you can stop Mjolnir.

Overhead SlamMjolnir lifts his hammer and smacks you on the head.This is Mjolnir’s most basic attack and is the starting point for a number of combos. He can also use this attack by itself, and in this form, it is absolutely used as a mixup. There is a brief telegraph showing when he is going to use this attack, but the actual swing moves very quickly so parry earlier than expected.
Overhead Slam + Uppercut StrikeMjolnir does his standard Overhead Slam and follows it up with a powerful uppercut.This attack deals more damage than his standard Slam by virtue of it hitting twice. This attack is one of several Overhead Slam-based attacks and is stopped in the same way. The best case scenario is that you block the Overhead, and this will cancel the Uppercut entirely.
Overhead Slam + Spin Attack + Uppercut StrikeMjolnir does his standard Overhead Slam and quickly combos it into a multi-hit spin attack before ending the combo with an Uppercut Strike for massive damage.The final Overhead variant of the Overhead Slam attack mix-ups. This attack deals massive damage if all strikes land, so you want to block something here – ANYTHING. Each attack has a slight windup before coming out, although the actual swing is very quick. Ideally, you want to catch the Overhead Swing as it cancels the entire combo. Best case scenario, you never see the rest of this attack.
Spin Attack + Hammer StabMjolnir glows blue and does a quick Spin Attack before following it up with a Hammer Stab. Mjolnir will combo this attack into itself on repeat until he is stopped, or, an Exemplar dies.This attack deals massive damage and needs to be parried before he cycles through it too many times. Even Zulfiqar can’t take too many hits from this infinite. The block timing is also tricky, so consider using Zulfiqar’s Link Attack instead.
Jotun ImpactMjolnir is struck by lightning and then throws his hammer dealing heavy damage.This is Mjolnir’s Deathblow. It is well telegraphed, but when the attack does come out, it comes out quickly (like all of Mjolnir’s attacks). You want to time your parry as Mjolnir’s hammer moves after the lightning strike. Failing that, use Zulfiqar’s Link Attack.

Mjolnir’s Mechanics

Mjolnir doesn’t have any unique mechanics. A lot of what he does here has been seen before. For example, Zulfiqar also had deceptively fast attacks, and several enemies have had infinite attack combos. The trick to Mjolnir is to shut down his mix-up game. This can be done simply by learning his Overhead timing. If you can land this parry, you will never see the rest of his combo.

This is ideal since any combo that follows from his Overhead Strike does a lot of damage – especially his full combo.

Which Exemplars To Use

We found that running a team consisting of one tank and two ranged DPS was ideal in this fight. We chose to bring Zulfiqar as our tank as, well, he is the only one Laendur has access to at this point. He also just so happens to be an excellent Exemplar in general as his Link Attack is outstanding.

For ranged DPS, we brought along Apollon and Winchester, although Dardanelles would have been a great pick too. Winchester deals great damage and has a relatively quick attack speed. Apollon on the other hand has access to a potent defence debuff that can be used to kill Mjolnir faster.

Battle Strategy

The plan here is pretty simple – prevent Mjolnir from using his Overhead Strike. This attack is the key to his moveset as it links into so many variants. Thankfully, they all share the same parry window, so learning this one timing breaks this fight wide open. If you can’t get the timing down, then you can always fall back on Zulfiqar’s Link Attack which will Auto-Parry anything attacks during its animation.

You want to be dealing consistent damage with your ranged DPS during this fight. This will not only restore you Mana, but these two are where most of your damage will be coming from. You want to save some AP for when you land a Perfect Parry, however. This is because Mjolnir gets the Defenceless debuff when countered, increasing your damage.

Depending on your confidence, you can use Zulfiqar to attack as well. If you can get the parry timings down manually, then Zulfiqar can boost your DPS substantially. If you can’t then saving his AP is a much better choice as you can spend it all to manually use his Link Attack. This is especially useful when it comes to stopping Mjolnir’s infinite.

Don’t be afraid to use your Mana. Mjolnir deals a lot of damage, so keeping your party topped up is incredibly important as one wrong move could spell disaster here. Daffyd’s Spear is also a great damage spell that can help you close out the fight sooner.

With Mjolnir defeated, he will join your party giving you a new melee Exemplar to mess around with.

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