Fallout 4: The Best Unique Weapons, Ranked (And Where To Find Them)

Choosing the right weapons is easily the most important and fun step in Fallout 4. The game is filled to the brim with various ballistic and energy weapons, as well as even some crazy melee weapons that one wouldn’t expect to find use for in a post-nuclear war world. While most of them can be scrapped and combined for the perfect weapon, nothing beats some of the coolest unique weapons found in the game.

Many of Fallout 4’s unique weapons are given to the player as quest rewards, but others can also be discovered in the inventory of specific, select vendors scattered all around the Commonwealth. Although some weapons exist more for fun than utility, there are a select few that are more than worth going the extra mile for. Here’s which unique weapons are undoubtedly the best and where to head to get your hands on them.

10 Final Judgment

Final Judgment is an energy weapon, a classic Gatling laser which tends to be a popular choice for players specializing in energy weapon character builds. It’s actually Arthur Maxson’s personal weapon, and has a 25% increase in fire rate and 15% quicker reload time from a regular one.

There are several ways to get this weapon, and in all cases you’ll have to be hostile towards the Brotherhood of Steel.

  • The Institute path: join the Institute after meeting Father and continue the questline normally until Airship Down. During the battle, you’ll face Elder Maxson. Defeat him and loot the weapon from his body.
  • The Minuteman path: you still need to join the Railroad as a Minuteman. Play the Railroad quests until Precipice of War, and go to the Prydwen rather than the Police Station, and defeat Maxson there.
  • The Railroad only path: either complete Precipice of War as described above, or carry on to the quest Rockets’ Red Glare, which will have the Railroad attack the Prydwen. Defeat Maxson during the battle to get his weapon.

9 Reba II

Reba II is one of the best, early game sniper rifles you can get, ideal for sniper builds. With 37 base damage and an added 50% bonus against mirelurks and bugs, it’s a sniper rifle that can serve you for a very long time until a better one comes along. To start off, head to Salem, which is located on the northeastern coast of the Commonwealth.

Walk deeper into Salem and you’ll arrive to the Rook family house, where Barney is struggling to handle an horde of mirelurks. Offer to help him reactivate his defenses around town and he’ll reward you with Reba II.

8 Cito’s Shiny Slugger

Melee weapon enthusiasts are in for a treat in the Nuka-World DLC. Cito’s Shiny Slugger is a surprisingly decent melee weapon, which favors V.A.T.S. users in particular. Critical strikes will basically fill up your Action Points, which makes this a fantastic melee weapon choice on top of having a solid 123 base damage.

To get this weapon, clear out the Safari Adventure park from Gatorclaws in Nuka-World. Make sure be friendly towards Cito and ensure that his family no longer has anything to fear. To make this quest easier, you can ask Cito to accompany you as you eliminate the Gatorclaws.

7 Hub’s Alien Blaster

Another great weapon from the Nuka-World DLC, Hub’s Alien Blaster is a slightly better version of the original Alien Blaster found in the Commonwealth. With 50 base damage, its critical shots do double damage and your critical meter will fill up 15% faster. The catch is that you’ll need to have energy weapon perks to mod it so that you can use fusion cells as ammo, otherwise you’ll soon run out.

The blaster can be acquired by visiting the Hubologist’s Camp located southwest from Nuka-Town. Speak with Dara Hubbell, and deliver five spacesuits for her, which can all be easily acquired from the Galactic Zone’s Vault-Tec: Among the Stars attraction. Help her people get their space ship back in action as well by accompanying them to a junkyard, which is where Dara will finally reward you with the blaster.

6 The Problem Solver

The last good pick from Nuka-World is The Problem Solver, which is a bit harder to get if you’ve already completed all the quests in this DLC. This unique variant of the handmade rifle has a perk that increases your damage with each consecutive hit on the same target, making it particularly deadly.

To get it, you need to be at an early stage in the Nuka-World questline. During An Ambitious Plan, Porter Gage will ask you to speak with each of the Nuka-Town gang leaders. When speaking with Mason, the leader of The Pack, make sure to pick all of the most aggressive dialogue options with him. You will need a decent amount of Charisma. At the end of the conversation, he’ll give you The Problem Solver.

5 Kiloton Radium Rifle

Now moving on to the Far Harbor DLC, the Kiloton Radium Rifle is a pretty unique ballistic rifle that also deals radiation 50 radiation damage on top of 42 normal base damage. Moreover, its bullets will explode when hitting a target, providing a deadly area of effect damage. In many ways, it’s the budget version of Spray n’ Pray.

To get this rifle, you need to join the Children of Atom at the Nucleus. The main quest of the DLC will inevitably send you here eventually. Once you’ve joined, simply speak with Brother Kane inside the Nucleus and buy it from him.

4 The Last Minute

Gauss rifles really are the kings of energy weapons, and this special Minuteman unique Gauss rifle is great proof of it. The Last Minute dies 192 base damage, but that’s not all, it’s particularly amazing for players who like to use V.A.T.S. in their gameplay. It does 50% more limb damage, making it great for crippling enemies.

To get your hands on this rifle, you need to be part of the Minutemen and complete the quest Old Guns, which involves you rearming the Castle settlement of the Minutemen with the help of Ronnie Shaw. At the end of the quest, she’ll reward you with this weapon.

3 Atom’s Judgment

Back to Far Harbor and the Children of Atom in particular, as they have another weapon that’s both unique and deadly. Perfect for ridiculously strong melee builds, Atom’s Judgment is a melee weapon that deals 40 base damage and 100 radiation damage on a target.

To get this insanely strong sledge, you need to join the Children of Atom at the Nucleus, a location to which the main quest of Far Harbor will eventually lead you. Grand Zealot Richter will ask you to find a former member of the cult. Complete the quest The Heretic and as you return you’ll be rewarded with Atom’s Judgment.

2 Spray N’ Pray

A well-known weapon among fans, Spray n’ Pray is one of the ridiculously powerful weapons that can be found relatively easily with a bit of planning. With 34 base damage, this submachine gun has the explosive effect which means its bullets will explode upon hitting a target and damage other targets by 15 damage points within range.

To get this weapon, prepare to pay a lot of caps, unless you have the Charisma perks to barter with lower prices. You’ll want to speak to Cricket, a very unique-looking caravan lady with bloodshot eyes. She can be found at Bunker Hill, Diamond City, Vault 81, Warwick Homestead and even randomly on the road. The best strategy is to pick one of these locations and just wait around until she appears.

1 Aeternus

Yes, another Gatling laser, but the Aeternus is here for a very good reason. With 24 base damage, it has the unique never ending effect which allows you to use a part of a fusion core upon first used, only its charge will never be depleted. Basically, you’ll never need to recharge this gun.

The weapon is exclusive to Nuka-World, and requires you to finish the Grand Tour. Return to Nuka-Town and you’ll be told to visit Fritsch at the Nuka-Cade, which will start the Amoral Combat radiant quest. Several random challengers will come through the Gauntlet to fight you, the new Overboss, and one of them is the Rogue Knight. Defeat him, and you’ll get this weapon. It might take several tries until he appears as your challenger, so keep completing this quest regularly.

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