Fallout 76: How To Open Mr. Gill’s Safe

While exploring all the new content in Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update, you may have noticed a few things out of place in your quest log. Yes, there’s a quest to find a key, and it’s tied to the otherwise very simple Home Expansion quest. This will allow you to open a certain safe and reap the rewards. If you don’t know how to find the key then you’re in luck, as that is exactly what this guide breaks down for you. And if you haven’t already, make sure to start that Brotherhood of Steel questline.

Where is Mr. Gill’s Safe in Fallout 76?

In case you missed it, Mr. Gill’s safe – the very safe we’re seeking to open – is located inside the Shelters Claim Center, which is in a hatch in the ground near the entrance to Vault 51. Go inside and you can easily find and complete the Home Expansion quest by talking to the people inside, but you may also see a suspicious safe.

This safe is located on the left side of the main room in the Shelters Claim Center, just next to a trophy and a sleeping bag. You will need to find a certain key to open it, and that key is actually very far away from here. I hope you’ve already got all the fast-travel points you need, otherwise it’s going to be a long walk.

Where is Mr. Gill’s (Reuben’s) Safe Key in Fallout 76?

You will be able to find Reuben’s Safe Key, the very key we need, in an Isolated Cabin, far to the South of the Shelters Claim Center. The easiest way to travel to this cabin is from Vault 76, to the Southeast, before you reach the river.

Once you find the cabin you can loot a few boxes inside, and you’ll also find a Vault 51 Overseer, dead on the floor. Search through his belongings and, what do you know, we’ve found Reuben’s Safe Key – in addition to some Shelter-Building Supplies, which is a nice bonus.

Now, all we need to do is head back to the Shelters Claim Center and open up that safe.

What’s inside Mr. Gill’s Safe in Fallout 76?

Inside Mr. Gill’s Safe you’ll find several items of varying importance, but hopefully, all of them make the trip worthwhile for you. The safe contains the following…

  • Passwords
  • Bobby Pin x3
  • Stimpak: Diluted
  • Combat Knife

Not the most exciting list, however with the Passwords document you will now be able to access the relevant terminal and find out even more of what the locals have to hide.

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