Fallout: New Vegas Director Open To Making Sequel

Obsidian and Bethesda, the two companies that collaborated on Fallout: New Vegas, are now together under the Microsoft umbrella, which has sparked countless requests for a New Vegas 2. Fans are itching to get back into that world, and it sounds like its director is equally as eager.

Speaking to Kinda Funny Games (as reported by ComicBook), Josh Sawyer said, "I love Fallout, I love the setting, I could see myself working on it again but, you know, we'll see where the future takes me."

To boot, Sawyer has ideas for where he'd take another Fallout, "California or the Midwest would be very interesting. Obviously, I have to be passionate about it as a director, but also that the team is really excited about and also that works within the larger idea of the IP."

Sawyer is still with Obsidian. He directed the newly released Pentiment, as well as Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2. And that was the reason for his appearance on Kinda Funny Games – to speak about Pentiment's success, but Fallout: New Vegas was bound to come up.

There were even reports earlier this year that a sequel was in early talks at Xbox, given that Microsoft now owns both companies. Given how far away Fallout 5 is, with Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 to come out first, New Vegas 2 is the perfect way to keep that gap from feeling so long.

However, Obsidian has a couple of games in development, already: there's the fantasy first-person RPG Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, its own Fallout-style sci-fi that pokes fun at intergalactic capitalists, seeing you hopping from planet to planet to unwind their plots.

But Sawyer has ambitious ideas for where Fallout could go, saying that there are plenty of possibilities beyond the United States. Modders have been hard at work exploring those possibilities with London, a project so large in scope that Bethesda started recruiting some of the devs. So maybe Obsidian will return to Fallout, and while it might not be New Vegas 2 exactly, there are ideas brewing.

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