Fan Ports Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground To Pokemon Platinum

We hear a lot about modders bringing old elements of a series into the most recent titles – but we don't often see the exact opposite. One Pokemon fan has managed to do just that, porting Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's Grand Underground into the original Platinum, letting you experience the new feature in this full 2008 glory.

The creation was spotted by Pokemon YouTuber Lewtwo, and shows the "demake" running perfectly just a week after the remaster's launch. It hints that we could possibly see more back-port projects such as this, which will be good news for Pokemon fans who aren't big on the rereleases new art style.

This back-port comes from Japanese YouTuber Tsukimi7270, who has made a bunch of Platinum and BDSP videos since its launch. This version of the Grand Underground would grant players access to both the original game's version, as well as the upgraded one, that adds Hideaways where you can catch Pokemon.

Tsukimi7270's YouTube channel is full of Pokemon videos, so we can probably expect more of these back-ports in the future (Nintendo's legal department willing).

Despite a rocky launch, Pokemon fans haven't wasted any time making the most of the remasters. As we've previously covered, speedrunners have already broken the games in two and got the world record far below the originals. In just a couple of weeks, the time is already down to below 20 minutes – having been over half an hour just days before a new route was discovered. Nintendo has rolled out patches that may get in the way of the glitch-filled runs, so if you're hoping to throw your hat into the ring you should probably avoid any updates.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl launched November 19, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. They've received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, being praised for their loyalty to the original releases, but criticized for not being more adventurous and having numerous bugs upon release. Some also aren't keen on the new visuals, and would have preferred if they stuck to the look for Sword & Shield.

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