Fatbot Games Announces Release Date For Steampunk Dungeon Crawler Vaporum: Lockdown

Fatbot Games recently announced the release date for their upcoming steampunk dungeon crawler RPG Vaporum: Lockdown, and that date is September 15, 2020. The game has a Steam placeholder for your wishlisting desires, and there is a release date announcement teaser with gameplay on the Fatbot Games YouTube channel.

Vaporum: Lockdown is a grid-based RPG similar to Legend of Grimrock and Eye of the Beholder. Lockdown is set as a prequel to the previous Vaporum, and allows us to take on the role of scientist Ellie Teller, who is working at a secret deep ocean laboratory on a secret teleportation project known as Arx Vaporum. As expected, something goes wrong, and they get Teller-ported (*groan*) to some dark dungeon where they must survive all manner of vile traps, creatures, and puzzles to escape and return home. Sort of a Half-Life meets Dungeons & Dragons, if you will.

Lockdown features a first-person perspective, real-time combat with a Stop Time mode, and lots of exploring in a steampunk dungeon setting, similar to the Dwemer dungeons of The Elder Scrolls. To help us solve puzzles, fight creatures, and deal with multiple hazards, Lockdown has gadgets, weapons, and character upgrades available. We’ll be able to loot and find a generous amount of armor, along with seemingly magical devices to attack creatures or manipulate the environment.

Lockdown is more than just a mouse-in-a-maze game, as the overall storyline involves helping Teller discover and learn about the world they’ve been ported into. The game includes voiced dialogue, and Teller will be able to find written notes and audio ‘phonodiaries’ during they’re exploring. Teller will have to use these to help find a certain number of items spread across the game’s levels which are needed for the final puzzle.

Lockdown is Fatbot’s second game, after the original Vaporum. In case you haven’t yet played it, it is available on Steam and GOG.com, but still at a non-discounted price of $19.99. Generally, when a new game in a series is about to launch, the previous game(s) will go on sale, but not in this case. However, Vaporum is priced at $7.99 (60% off) over at Humble Bundle, but only (as of this writing) for the next six days.

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