Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 2

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Final Fantasy 14's Patch 6.2 brought in a slew of new content for your Warrior of Light to tackle, including a new season of the newly improved PvP. With this update, you can now progress through Series 2 of PvP, which unlocks a new Series Malmstones for you to tackle that unlock unique rewards such as Mounts and Adventure Plate customization.

Furthermore, you will still be able to level up your Series 1 Malmstones until Series 3, when it will be permanently discontinued. This allows you to claim the other unique items and rewards from the previous Series, making the pressure of grinding out a Series less stressful and much more manageable than ever.

Series 2 PvP Overview

Series 2 of Final Fantasy 14's PvP introduces brand new Series Malmstones to work through. Like Series 1, there are 30 Levels, with 24 of them offering you 1,000 Trophy Crystals that you can exchange for a wide range of items at the Wolves' Den Pier when speaking to the Crystal Quartermaster (X:4.4, Y:6.1).

The remaining six Malmstones will reward you with things such as unique Mounts and Minions and other goodies to help spruce your profile up. We will touch more on the specific rewards later, but for now, let's review what you're looking at in terms of progression and how much EXP you will need to increase your Series Malmstones.

EXP Chart

Series Malmstones LevelExperience Needed
Levels 1 > 52,000 EXP Per Level
Levels 6 > 103,000 EXP Per Level
Levels 11 > 154,000 EXP Per Level
Levels 16 > 205,500 EXP Per Level
Levels 20 > 257,500 EXP Per Level

You can view your Series Malmstone progress and claim rewards by opening your PvP Profile and navigating to the 'Series Malmstones' button in the top right corner. Level 25 is where you will obtain the last unique reward, meaning each subsequent Level will only reward you with 1,000 Trophy Crystals from here on out, except for Level 30, which grants you 6,000 Trophy Crystals. Lastly, before we move on to the rewards you can obtain with the Series 2 Malmstones, let's quickly cover how you can still claim Series 1 rewards.

How To Claim Series 1 Rewards

As touched on briefly in the introduction of this guide, you are able to claim Series 1 Malmstones until Series 3 gets introduced sometime down the road. This means that you are essentially leveling two separate Series Malmstones simultaneously if you hadn't completed the previous one. As a result, you will periodically have to keep tabs on it and claim your rewards whenever you earn them.

To do this, navigate to the current Series Malmstone page by opening your PvP Profile and navigating to the 'Series Malmostones' button in the top right. Just like before. Once here, look to the top left and click on the 'Previous Series' button. You should now be on the Series 1 Malmstones page and can track your progress and claim rewards.

Series 2 Malmstones Rewards

Now that you have the general gist of how Series 2 Malmstones work let's go over the unique rewards you can get by reaching Level 25 in the Series. There are six unique rewards to obtain this Series, offering things from cool Minions to an incredibly awesome Mount. So, without further ado, let's get into them!

Level 5 Malmstone Reward

Upon reaching Level 5 in Series 2, you will receive the 'Ballroom Etiquette – Taking Sides' item, which you can use to unlock the 'Spirit' Emote. This emote is used just like any ordinary one in the game, allowing you to access it via the Emote menu or by typing /spirit in the chatbox. When using the Spirit Emote, your character will excitedly pump their fist, hyping up the moment.

Level 10 And 20 Malmstone Rewards

Next up are our Level 10 and 20 rewards, which we included under the same banner as the rewards are very similar to one another. These Malmstone Tiers reward you with backgrounds for your Warrior of Light's Adventure Plate, allowing you to spruce your profile up with style. Using the image above as a reference, the Blue Adventure Plate background will be your Level 10 reward, with the Red Adventure Plate background on the right being your Level 20 one.

Level 15 And 16 Malmstone Rewards

Similar to the previous entry, our Level 15 and 16 Malmstone rewards are very similar to each other, so we included them in the same section to keep things simple. These Malmstone Tiers will reward you with Clockwork Chaser Minions, which you will obtain from your Inventory and select from the Minions Menu if you want them to follow you around. You can also release them into your Island Paradise if you so wish. The first image is the Clockwork Cerulean Chaser (Blue) and is obtained at Level 15, whereas the second image is the Clockwork Crimson Chaser (Red), which is rewarded at Level 16.

Level 25 Malmstone Rewards

Lastly, our ultimate Level 25 Malmstone reward for Series 2 is the Fyglia Mount. An enormous dragon that looks incredible in pretty much every way. Just remember that whenever you claim this reward, you will get the 'Fyglia Horn,' which you will have to use from your Inventory to actually obtain the Mount. After doing that, you will be able to use it just as you would any other Mount in the game.

How To Earn Malmstone EXP

Now that we know what Malmstones are and what you can get from them, it's time to close things out with how to earn EXP to increase your Series Malmstone level. You can earn EXP by playing any of the game's PvP Modes (Rival Wings, Frontlines, and Crystalline Conflict). Winning the match will net you more experience, with losing costing you around 200 to 300 EXP. You can find the EXP payouts for each mode below!

PvP Series EXP Rates

PvP ModeWinningLosing
Crystalline Conflict900 EXP700 EXP
Rival Wings1,250 EXP750 EXP
Frontlines1,500 EXP1,250 EXP

As you can see from the table above, each mode offers different payouts of Series EXP depending on if you can secure a win or if you end up losing. However, while it may seem like Crystalline Conflict is your worst option, please consider that it is the fastest mode available. You can finish roughly three Crystalline Conflict matches in the time required to complete one Frontlines game.

If you want to grind Series EXP, we recommend doing your daily Frontlines Duty Roulette, then focusing purely on Crystalline Conflict for the remainder of your time. While Rival Wings and Frontlines can be fun, Crystalline Conflict's short matches will enable you to rake in tons of Series EXP in a relatively short amount of time.

With that said, if you are getting bored or frustrated with Crystalline Conflict, there's no harm in jumping ship to one of the other modes. Crystalline Conflict is just the best mode for quick Series EXP at the moment, as matches don't tend to drag on too long. Nonetheless, this is how you earn Series EXP for Series 2 of PvP. Please remember to claim your rewards when you level up and do not forget your Series 1 rewards that can still be claimed up to Series 3!

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