Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Adding Male Viera, Female Hrothgar Planned

Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida has heard your demands, and it’s finally happening. The MMO’s Endwalker expansion will add male Viera, and Yoshida confirmed that he hasn’t forgotten about requests for female Hrothgar.

After the reveal of Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker extended trailer, Yoshida was joined by English localization and translation director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to highlight some of the new features, systems, and story plotlines headed to Final Fantasy 14’s version 6.0.

That’s when Yoshida revealed that the development team heard the requests from the community for male Viera – and that they were headed to Endwalker. Originally, Shadowbringer’s two new races, female Viera and male Hrothgar, were supposed to be the last races added to the game. However, Yoshida said there was quite the demand for the addition of the bunny boys, and shared a trailer with his reveal.

Yoshida didn’t stop there, he also added that players have been begging for female Hrothgar, and the development team is aware of those requests, too. While there isn’t enough time to get both races added in time for Endwalker’s launch, Yoshida reassured fans that he heard them, and that female Hrothgar would eventually join the other races.

Final Fantasy 14 announcements continue to trickle in, as Square Enix is currently hosting the game’s Digital Fan Festival. Originally scheduled as a series of physical events, Square Enix ultimately decided to delay the show and revisit the event in a digital format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the news on male Viera, Final Fantasy 14 also revealed that its upcoming fall 2021 launch is now scheduled for November 23, 2021. If you pre-order Endwalker, you’ll gain access to the MMO a few days early on November 19, just as previous expansions for Final Fantasy 14 have worked in the past. You’ll be running around as an adorable bunny boy before you know it.

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