Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – What Is Error 2002?

Final Fantasy 14's brand new Endwalker expansion has launched today for those who have early access, while everyone else will have to wait for its proper release next week. It's a given that the launch of any popular MMO title is going to be a little bumpy, as the servers get congested with everyone trying to log on and access the content at the same time.

Long-time players of Final Fantasy 14 will likely be familiar with this situation from past expansion launches, but new players might be surprised to find the hefty queue times that will await them when they try to log on for the foreseeable future. Additionally, many players can't even begin to queue as they are plagued with Error 2002.

How Do You Fix Error 2002?

When trying to log onto Final Fantasy 14, you might find yourself presented with the following error message: "The lobby server connection has encountered an error." This pesky little problem is Error 2002 and it can pop up and thwart your attempts to access the game after you have already been queuing for a while, or before you even make it to the character selection screen.

Square Enix has released a statement on the issue asking for players to try again after a short wait.

However, players have reported that there is a workaround for this error. Should you receive Error 2002, before heading to the character selection screen, go into the Data Center menu from the title screen and reconfirm your data center, then you should be able to access the character selection screen and begin queuing once more.

While it could be pure coincidence, when we encountered Error 2002 and tried this — it worked! Now it's time to visit the moon!

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