Final Fantasy 14: Everything You Need To Know About Materia

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Many systems are present in Final Fantasy 14, with Materia being among the most important ones. However, unlike what you might see in Final Fantasy 7, where you can cast Magic or call upon Summons, the Materia present in Final Fantasy 14 will help boost secondary stats.

Though not nearly as cool as summoning in an enormous gray dragon, the secondary stats the Materia enhances in Final Fantasy 14 are essential and will dramatically improve things such as damage output, MP regeneration, and much more. Furthermore, some Materia will have stats exclusive to specific roles, making running the wrong Materia type a strong possibility for those unfamiliar with the system or new to the game.

How To Meld Materia

There are currently two methods you can use to meld Materia to your equipment. The first is by various NPCs (Materia Melders) found near the Market Boards in major cities (Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, Old Gridania, The Pillars, Idyllshire, etc.). You can pay a fee to have them attach Materia to your equipment. This method doesn't have any prerequisites, only that you need to have Materia, gear with Materia Slots, and enough Gil to pay the vendor. Additionally, if you have a house or are in a Free Company with a shared plot, you can purchase a Materia Melder Permit and use that Melder the same way.

The second method to attach Materia to your gear is by doing it yourself, though it will take a bit of time before you can do that. Though, you will be able to attach the Materia to your gear without paying a fee or having to travel to a major city, which will be worth it some. If you want to meld Materia, you must first complete the "Waking the Spirit" subquest, which can be started by talking to F'hobhas at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13). However, you must first have at least one Disciple of the Hand Job class at level 19 or above before taking on the quest. The classes belonging to Disciple of the Hand are Alchemist, Armorer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Culinarian, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, and Weaver. After completing the subquest, you can then meld Materia on your own.

Advanced Materia Melding

Completing the subquest "Melding Materia Muchly," which you can accept by talking to Mutamix at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13), will allow you to attach more Materia than slots available on your equipment. While you can accept the quest at level 19, you must have at least one Desciple of the Hand class at level 25 before you can turn it in.

Once that's done, you will learn the action "Advanced Materia Melding," which will allow you to attach up to five Materia to your equipment. However, be warned that the likelihood of melding more Materia on your equipment will drop drastically with each additional Materia attached, making it extraordinarily hard to use all five.

How To Get Materia

Aside from learning how to place the Materia, knowing how to get it is equally important. For the most part, you will obtain most of your Materia through the Market Board and by making your way through the MSQ. However, you can also earn Materia by completing Daily Roulettes, Wondrous Tails, Treasure Maps, and eliminating Elite Marks.

Endwalker added Materia levels IX and X, which you can earn by completing the new Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map, trading in Cracked Dendroclusters, Cracked Anthoclusters, or Sacks of Nuts to specific vendors, and by crafting. They can also get purchased from the Market Board. Your equipment will need to be Item Level 560 to use IX and X Materia.

Crafting Materia

Another method of obtaining Materia is by crafting it yourself, which requires a few steps. Before you can start making your own Materia, you must first complete the subquest "Forging the Spirit," which you can start by speaking with Swynbroes at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13).

After completing the subquest, you can begin making Materia from equipment with a Spiritbond of 100%. The Materia you craft is dependant on your equipment's level, as well as your gear type. For example, if the weapon is for a Disciple of War, you will extract Materia that focuses on those skills. You can refer to the tables below for the complete list of Materia Tiers, their requirements, along with each skill and what they do.

Materia Tier Requirements

Materia TierItem Level RequirementGear Level
Materia IItem Level 15+1-14
Materia IIItem Level 30+30-44
Materia IIIItem Level 45+45+
Materia IVItem Level 55+ (DoH, DoL) Item Level 70+ (DoW, DoM)45-50
Materia VItem Level 160+51-60
Materia VIItem Level 290+61-70
Materia VIIItem Level 420+ (DoH, DoL) Item Level 430+ (DoW, DoM)71-80
Materia VIIIItem Level 420+ (DoH, DoL) Item Level 430+ (DoW, DoM)71-80
Materia IXItem Level 560+81-90
Materia XItem Level 560+81-90

Materia Types

Equipment TypeMateria Type/Skills
Disciples of WarCritical Hit Rate, Determination, Direct Hit Rate, Skill Speed, Tenacity
Disciples of MagicCritical Hit Rate, Determination, Direct Hit Rate, Piety, Spell Speed
Disciples of the HandCP, Control, Craftmanship
Disciples of the LandGathering, GP, Perception

Materia Skills and Types

As touched on briefly already, there are many types of Materia, with each of them affecting different skills that make them useful for specific roles. There are thirteen types of Materia, all of which have ten levels that boost its effect drastically. The tables below will display the complete list of Materia Types, each tier's bonus, and what each skill does.

Materia NameMateria SkillDescriptionTier ITier IITier IIITier IVTier VTier VITier VIITier VIIITier IXTier X
Savage Aim MateriaCritical Hit RateIncreases the amount of physical and magical damage dealt, along with how much HP gets restored when healing. The higher the number, the higher the potency and likelihood of landing a Critical Hit.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Savage Might MateriaDeterminationIncreases the amount of physical and magical damage dealt, along with how much HP gets restored when healing.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Heaven's Eye MateriaDirect Hit RateIncreases the rate at which you land a direct hit with physical and magical attacks, dealing more damage.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Quickarm MateriaSkill SpeedLowers casting and re-casting times and increases the potency of damage dealt over time on auto-attacks and weapon skills.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Battledance MateriaTenacityIncreases the amount of physical and magical damage you deal and take, along with HP restored. Tank role only.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Piety MateriaPietyIncreases the rate at which you replenish MP in battle. Healer role only.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Quicktongue MateriaSpell SpeedLowers casting and re-casting times and increases the potency of damage/healing dealt over time on spells.+1+2+3+4+6+16+8+24+12+36
Craftsman's Cunning MateriaCPImproves Crafting Points pool during some Crafting actions.+1+2+3+4+6+8+7+9+8+10
Craftsman's Command MateriaControlGain more Quality when crafting.+1+2+3+4+7+10+9+13+12+18
Craftsman's Competence MateriaCraftmanshipGain more Progress when crafting, speeding up the process.+3+4+5+6+11+16+14+21+18+27
Gatherer's Guerdon MateriaGatheringIncreases the probability of Gathering items.+3+4+5+6+10+15+12+20+14+25
Gatherer's Grasp MateriaGPImproves Gathering Points pool during some Gathering actions.+1+2+3+4+6+8+7+9+8+10
Gatherer's Guile MateriaPerceptionIncreases the probability of Gathering high-quality items.+3+4+5+6+10+15+12+20+14+25

You cannot meld Materia VI, VII, and X onto equipment past the first Advanced Materia Melding Slot.

Materia Transmutation

Materia Transmutation allows you to trade in five pieces of Materia for a random piece of Materia that is guaranteed to be a different type than the five you turned in. The odds of receiving Materia of a higher tier is also very likely, making it worth your time. This is an excellent method if you need Disciples of War Materia but have lots of Magic, Crafting, or Gathering Materia you have no use for.

To unlock Materia Transmutations, you must first have the "Life, Materia and Everything" MSQ completed and will then have to seek out Kokosamu at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13) to grab the subquest "Marvelously Mutable Materia." After clearing the subquest, you will speak to Mutamix Bubblypots (located in the same area) for all your Materia Transmutation needs.

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