Final Fantasy 14 Summer Nightclub Event Advertised With Real-World Billboard, Goes Wrong In Every Single Way

Final Fantasy 14 free company Rain Nightclub advertised its Summer event with a real-world billboard, breaking the game's terms of service and sending the community into uproar.

Saturday, July 9, marks the start of the Rain Nightclub Summer Bash event, a beach party on the Balmung server that seems to be taking advantage of the new data center travel system. To help advertise the Summer Bash, Revarious, the owner of Rain Nightclub, bought four billboards across California and Texas.

The billboards, as shown in a deleted Tweet by DJ Potate, show two characters, one of which is a Viera character in a modded outfit, alongside the Final Fantasy 14 logo, trademark information, and links to three Twitch channels that will stream the event. Square Enix's logo also appears on the billboard, despite it not being an official event.

All of that caused the billboards to be viewed quite negatively, with players claiming it infringes on Square's copyright and that the use of modded outfits from datamined content was violating the terms of services. Not only that, but the Rain Nightclub reportedly features erotic roleplaying services on its official website, which the billboard doesn't mention.

Lily, a former Rainfall Nightclub staffer, shared their thoughts on the billboard on Twitter, "As former staff at Rain- none of us were told about the billboard until it went live. We weren’t asked for an opinion on it beforehand- management told us after it was already up. Unfortunate for those of us who had no idea the billboard was going to be a thing".

The Rain Nightclub Discord has since been flooded with negative messages as a reaction to the billboard. As reported by PC Gamer, the last message sent in by Revarious reads, "So what if we made a billboard, you don't have to look at it, you don't even have to come to our party, but for that to be a reason you go after people that weren't even involved with the idea for it is really sad, and I really hope the portion of you all who came here to troll ignore us and go back to whatever it is you actually like doing since we aren't".

The billboard featured in the photo by DJ Potate has reportedly been taken down already, while some Final Fantasy players have reported that heading to the Rainfall Nightclub Discord has resulted in Trojan Horse viruses being installed. Although those reports haven't been verified just yet, it's worth being careful when looking into the Rainfall Nightclub for now.

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