Final Fantasy 14’s Notorious Balmung Server Is Being Barricaded By Catgirls

Balmung is a well known server among Final Fantasy 14 players, famed for its roleplayers that verge on the erotic and kinky side, and true to form Balmung is currenly being barricaded by catgirls protecting its entrance from a sudden surge in visitors.

Recently, a new Data Center Travel system launched that allows FF14 players to visit other worlds on other servers. It turned out to be enormously popular to the extent that it was crashing, and was soon taken down, but has since come back and is operating. Many players decided to use the new system to visit Balmung, to see for themselves this legendary destination (via Eurogamer).

Previously, before the introduction of the Data Center Travel, players were limited in only being able to travel to the worlds located in their local server. But now, with the new system, players can visit any world on any data center provided it is in the same region.

With this power, players are seeking out Balmung which has developed a reputation for its bars, clubs, and other venues dedicated to RP (roleplay) and ERP (erotic roleplay). With this sudden influx, Balmung's players have chosen to barricade it. However, it's not too serious.

"I think a lot of the people at the blockade don't really care much about being gawked at, actually. A lot of them embrace Balmung's reputation and find it kind of funny that people are clamouring to come to our infamous server," a Balmung player known as Rook told PC Gamer. "We like being extra," they added.

Recently, it was also discovered that a beach party event on the Balmung server was advertised via real-world billboards in California and Texas in the United States. These billboards invited controversy and outrage, with negative feedback due to alleged copyright infringement and the use of modded outfits.

Balmung is a roleplayer server, and various MMOs usually have such servers for this subculture, while Balmung has become famous for its players tending towards erotic roleplaying. Its legend has travelled widely so perhaps it's not unreasonable to expect other players wanting to take a look, but clearly not every resident appreciates the surge in gawkers, but then again it's not too serious.

Apparently, visitors are having to queue to get in, with Balmung residents taking shifts to refresh their barricade. Surely, with news out, more visitors will be turning up.

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