Final Fantasy 16’s Engine Might Have Been Shown Off In A 2018 Tech Presentation

Final Fantasy fans think that we might have been shown the engine powering Final Fantasy 16 back in 2018, a few years before the game had even been announced.

There's a lot that we don't know about Final Fantasy 16, even after recently being given a new gameplay trailer and a lot more information about it. One of the main questions that Final Fantasy fans have had since the game's announcement was what engine it was running on, as it seemed to bare some similarities to Final Fantasy 14 and didn't have the same style as more recent games in the series like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Although it's still not been officially confirmed what engine Final Fantasy 16 is using, Redditor Chrome_9 has pointed out an old technical presentation made by Square Enix in 2018 that seems to match up with what we've seen so far of Final Fantasy 16, making it likely that it's the same engine.

The main evidence presented by Chroma_9 that this is what's powering Final Fantasy 16 is that one of the pieces of armour shown during the presentation can also be seen in the Final Fantasy 16 trailer, and there's a head scan of the game's director, Hiroshi Takai. There are also some clear similarities in quality between the models shown off during the presentation, and the ones that we've seen so far in Final Fantasy 16.

If this 2018 tech presentation is indeed showing off the Final Fantasy 16 engine, then it reveals quite a lot of interesting details about it that haven't been publicly announced, such as the fact that each model has 100,000 polygons each. The most noteworthy is that the engine shown utilizes elements from the Final Fantasy 14 engine, which was something that fans have been speculating on since the game was announced, mostly due to the lack of an official confirmation on the engine being used.

One section of a breakdown for the the presentation says, "In the initial stages, verification was conducted using Unreal Engine 4 and the real-time visualization software Marmoset Toolbag, but it was difficult to reach the finer details, so the FFXIV engine was extended to allow rendering in a PBR environment, and a full-time programmer was assigned to build the environment and shader area."

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