Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PC Discovered On Epic Game Store

An entry for Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been discovered in the Epic Games Store’s database, suggesting a PC port is near.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been out for over a year now. So long that it even has a PS5 upgrade and additional chapters in the form of its Intermission DLC. However, PlayStation owners are still the only people who are able to enjoy it. That’s despite the sell-by-date for FF7 Remake’s exclusivity coming and going without so much as a mention earlier this year.

The hope was that FF7 Remake could possibly come to Game Pass, or at least be released on PC. Well, new clues have surfaced suggesting the latter is growing ever closer. Website EpicData, which is dedicated to unearthing secrets hidden within the Epic Games Store, has discovered entries that mention the PlayStation exclusive by name.

A file name that relates to Cloud saves includes the phrase “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”, as does another entry relating to saves. Square Enix Japan, the studio behind FF7 Remake, is also mentioned. All of this suggests the PC version of FF7 Remake is ready and raring to go. However, a quiet update to the game’s PlayStation exclusivity might mean those hidden files aren’t activated for another few months.

One of the final trailers for FF7 Remake Intergrade, which was released last week, featured small print stating it would be a PS5 exclusive for “at least six months”. That might well explain why FF7 Remake hasn’t shown up on any other platforms. Either PlayStation managed to extend the game’s exclusivity, or Square is waiting for the Intermission DLC to lose its exclusivity so it can release the entire game on other platforms at the end of the year.

FF7 Remake will arrive on PC and probably Xbox too eventually. However, when it comes to PC at least, FF7 Remake could well be an Epic Games Store exclusive. The Kingdom Hearts series is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, and Square’s upcoming Neo: The World Ends With You will be too. While not perfect, at least its arrival on PC will seemingly be here by December 2021 at the very latest.

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