Final Fantasy VII Remake gets new trailer in PS4 State of Play

Sony’s latest State Of Play event has revealed a new PS4 exclusive Predator game, a release date for the MediEvil remake, and more.

It might have been barely more than 10 minutes long, but Sony’s latest Nintendo Direct style livestream packed in a lot of games news, including some brand new titles.

The biggest news though was, just as predicted, new footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It was only a few minutes, and didn’t really show anything very new, but confirmed that the graphics are looking properly amazing and that while the combat is no longer turn-based it still maintains something of the look and feel of the original.

More info was promised for June, but since Sony aren’t at E3 this year that likely means Square Enix’s own pre-show event. There was no indication of whether the game is still episodic but the voiceover did specifically say it was for the ‘PS4 generation’, seemingly quashing rumours it might have been moved to the PlayStation 5.

Although Capcom later had their own stream for it, they used Sony to help announce a new Monster Hunter: World expansion called Iceborne. As you might guess it’s set in a new snowy region, with new story elements and new monsters. It’ll be released 6 September this year.

There was also a look at a very promising new isometric dungeon crawler called Riverbond, which features four-player couch co-op, destructible scenery, and cameos from a range of other indie games. It looked great and is out this year.

The biggest new game annoucement was Predator: Hunting Grounds, a PlayStation 4 exclusive asymmetric multiplayer game, where one person plays as the Predator and the others as Arnie-esque human soldiers. Which sounds like a cross between the recent Ghost Recon: Wildlands mode and fellow film tie-in Friday The 13th.

Final Fantasy VII wasn’t the only PS1 remake mentioned, but unlike Square Enix’s game MediEvil got a release date… of 25 October. It’s clearly trying to follow in the footsteps of Activision remakes for Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon and while it looks very high quality the real question is whether the original is good enough to justify such an effort.

The final new game annoucement was for Away: The Survival Series, which seems to cast you as flying squirrel trying to survive predators and a number of natural disasters. The graphics looked great and it’s always good to see something different.

It might have been short but the second State of Play certainly packed a lot in, including an ad for a limited edition steel grey PlayStation 4 console to celebrate the Days of Play sales.

Days of Play will be back soon, apparently, but the only clue as to when there’ll be another State of Play is ‘later in the year’, which certainly sounds like code for ‘after E3’.

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