Finally, There's A Manga About A Man With Chainsaw Hands

Manga is such a massive form of media that it can explore stories that you wouldn’t typically see in movies, TV, or even American comic books. And this October, a story about a man which chainsaws attached to his arms arrives from writer and artist Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Arriving in stores on October 6, the 192 page manga comes from the Shonen Jump imprint from Viz Media, and it will retail for $10 for Volume 1. This is the debut of Chainsaw Man in English, as it was first released in Japan in late 2018. Check out the cover and some of the interior pages below.

“Denji’s a poor young man who’ll do anything for money, even hunting down devils with his pet devil-dog Pochita,” reads the synopsis. “He’s a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under a mountain of debt. But his sad life gets turned upside down one day when he’s betrayed by someone he trusts. Now with the power of a devil inside him, Denji’s become a whole new man–Chainsaw Man!”

Chainsaw Man is one of the three new series debuting in October for Viz, including Moriarty: The Patriot and Fangirl. You can check out everything coming to Viz for October here. This also includes the final volume for Transformers, the manga and DVDs and Blu-rays premiering in October.

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