Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 10 The Fell Dragon Sombron Walkthrough

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  • Setup Phase
  • Battle In The Fell Dragon's Cathedral – Dealing with Hortensia
  • Battle In The Fell Dragon's Cathedral – Taking Out Hyacinth

Over the last few chapters of Fire Emblem Engage King Hyacinth has proven to be a royal pain in the butt. He can't see to stop getting in our way and making our lives miserable. Well, we finally get a chance to get up close and personal with the twisted king. Though as they say, be careful what you wish for.

Chapter 10 features a pretty unique combat encounter. It is separated into two distinct halves. The front room is where you will have to fight Hortensia and her squad. And like her sister did in her second encounter, Hortensia comes packing some new tricks. Then, once you have pushed through her, you will have to battle both Morion and Hyacinth. There are a lot of tricks to this battle. Thankfully, we are here to navigate you through them.

Setup Phase

There are a few units that will make this battle far easier, but there is one that you absolutely need. The most important unit is Chloe. Having her (or another flying unit if you have upgraded someone else in that direction) will make the first part of this encounter so much easier. However, not just any version of Chloe will do, we need to put Sigurd's Emblem Ring on her so that we can use the canter ability to cross back over the gap after having attacked. We also want to have a javelin on her so that she has a ranged attack. Ideally, one that has been upgraded by the blacksmith.

Next, your life will be easier if you have at least one of your tanky, armored units with you. Additionally, we need both of our archers. And, of course, we are going to want mages and healers. Diamant is still going to be one of your stronger Sword Fighters, so you should probably bring him along as well. For the last remaining slots, just add your highest-level, troops. There are no characters that are specifically bad for this stage, so you can't go wrong with your strongest units.

When positioning your troops, the axe-wielders should be on the left, at least one sword user should accompany them, and the lance-wielders should be on the right (though Chloe should hover near the center). Make sure there is one healer in each group. Split up the mages as well.

Battle In The Fell Dragon's Cathedral – Dealing with Hortensia


2x Sword Fighters, 2x Lance Armors, 2x Axe Armors, 1x Mage, 2x Pegasus Knights (sword), 1x Pegasus Knights (axe), 1x Lance Cavalier, Rosado, Goldmary, Hortensia

Additional Troops Round 1: 1x Thief

Additional Troops Round 2: 2x Archers

10 Units


Victory Conditions

Defeat Morion and Hyacinth


Killer Axe (taken from Rosado), Energy Drop (taken from Goldmary), Freeze Staff (taken from Hortensia), Elfire (left treasure chest), Dracoshield (right treasure chest),


★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10) *add two stars if you try to complete this battle without Chloe

The first thing you are going to have to worry about is the Magic Artillery. This acts a lot like the ballista did in the eighth chapter. Of course, the primary difference here is that the enemy is the one who starts with the Magic Artillery. In fact, they begin the battle with a mage already manning this device. This means that the Mage will be able to hit your troops at will as long as they are alive. Thankfully, we have Chloe.

Of course, if you were to fly her up to the Mage at the beginning of the stage and kill the Mage it would leave her extremely vulnerable to the many Pegasus Knights and Hortencia who are positioned behind the Artillery. However, that is where equipping her with Sigurd comes in. Chloe will be able to fly across the gap, toss a javelin at the Mage, hopefully kill them (this part will depend on how leveled up Chloe is), and then retreat back across the gap using the Canter ability.

It is hard to articulate how much easier this battle is if you enter it with Chloe equipped with Sigurd's Emblem Ring. Without her, you would spend the first three rounds being bombarded by spells, and you would have to limit what units you bring severely.

After killing the Mage, you are going to move your axe users and sword users to the left and your lance users to the right. You won't be able to reach Rosado or Goldmary this turn, so make sure that the only troops in range of the enemies are resilient. You should be able to take out the one Lance Armor on your left, but other than him, you are going to mainly just be getting your troops into position. Make sure to make good use of the terrain here as well. Those columns help increase your chance of avoiding an attack considerably.

A thief will enter into the arena after the first round. They are after the two treasures. Don't worry, killing them is extremely easy, as you will have troops surrounding them, and Chloe can always just swing over and murder them. One thing to keep in mind is that you can't use the Canter ability to open chests and retreat, but you can kill the thief, take the treasures they stole, and then use the Canter ability.

Once the round is over, and you have weathered a few attacks, it is time to retaliate. Break Rosado with a sword user, then shoot her out of the air with an archer. Then you will just need to deal with an Axe-wielding Pegasus Knight and a Lance Armor. You should be able to finish them off. Chloe should also be close enough to fly in and toss a javelin if you need her. Similarly, you will clear out most of the troops on the right side, as you will have the weapon advantage. You may not finish Goldmary off this round, but you should weaken her.

Don't be afraid to get the kill against Goldmary with an Emblem attack. We used Leif's Quadruple Hit to take her out fast. It meant that we didn't have to deal with her past that second round.

Once you have cleared out both sides, you will have Hortensia surrounded. The only thing you need to make sure of is that no one who could be taken out by a hefty magic attack is in range. You want to bait her with a unit that can withstand her attack. Remember that she also has a lance and can deal some pretty hefty physical damage. So, leaving a Mage out in the open isn't a great idea. Someone like Alear in their Engage mode, however, will be able to withstand whatever she throws at him. This is a positioning round, you just want to make sure you have all your units in place to overwhelm her next round.

This turn will also see two more Archers join the battle. They will enter on the left and right side of the screen, and you get to act before they do. So, it won't be too much of an issue taking both of them out before they have a chance to do anything.

Once Hortensia has taken her turn, send an axe user to break her. Then unleash your big Engage attacks. Don't worry, there are three Emblem Energy Pools sitting up against the wall, so you can get your meter back after killing Hortensia. From there, finish off any remaining troops, and have your emblem users recharge in the pools in front of the door. Then, break the doors down and confront Hyacinth

Battle In The Fell Dragon's Cathedral – Taking Out Hyacinth


Back Room: 2x Sword Fighter, 2x Mage, 2x Martial Monk, Corrupted Morion, Hyacinth

Additional Troops: 2x Pegasus Knights (sword)

10 Units


Victory Conditions

Defeat Morion and Hyacinth


There are no treasures in this part of the stage


★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

This section will be pretty short and sweet. You will kick the door down and immediately face off against Morion, two Sword Fighters, and a Martial Monk. You will be able to take out the swordsmen, and get some hits in on Morion. While he is a powerful warrior, he will be pretty outnumbered, so just make sure that no one too vulnerable is in range of his attacks. In the very next round you should be able to take out Morion.

Morion and his troops will all be lined up perfectly to be hit by Blazing Lion (Roy's Emblem Attack). Just make sure your troops don't stand in the fire themselves.

Hyacinth has an Emblem Attack of his own, and you quite simply are not ready for how far it hits from. It literally reaches from one end of the room to the other. Make sure to study where it is safe to stand. Thankfully, he only gets one shot, but depending on who is in the room, that may be all he needs. Make sure Chloe hasn't entered until he has used this attack. Because she will not survive it. After the second round, two sword-wielding Pegasus Knights will show up. Just take them out with your archers.

By the time you get to Hyacinth, your troops may be pretty worn down, this is a great opportunity to use Micaiah's Great Sacrifice special. The unit performing this can be a room away, and it will completely heal everyone.

Now, all that is left to do is to take out two Mages and a Martial Monk. You should be able to finish them off in a turn or so. And you will probably be able to get a few hits in on Hyacinth. He will now create four clones of himself. Each clone only has a single hit point, so use weapons that are accurate instead of weapons that hit hard. Each clone has the backup ability, so when Hyacinth attacks, he will get an attack in with each clone. However, the clones won't attack themselves. Hyacinth doesn't hit that hard, so just take out his clones, and then lay into him with your big attacks. Don't worry, he won't last long.

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