Fire Emblem Engage: Where To Find The Silver Card

There's much to see and do in Fire Emblem Engage ranging from obtaining unique threads from the Amiibo Gazebo to hanging out and partaking in the many activities readily available at the Somniel and everything in between. And that's not even covering the tricks and secrets found within combat encounters.

Finding the Silver Card is one of these side activities that can be done mid-mission and is easily missable, making it much harder to obtain down the road if you missed your initial shot. The Silver Card is an item that will give you 30 percent off at Shops, making it one of the most valuable items in the game.

Silver Card Overview

As covered above, the Silver Card offers a 30 percent discount at the Armory and Item Shops, allowing you to get much-needed upgrades and resources at a steal of a price. However, you will need to meet a few requirements before obtaining it, which we will cover in the section below!


  • Own the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass
    • $29.99/£26.99
  • Clear Chapter 6
  • With the above requirements met, return to the Somniel, and you should see a message that says "Something has been found at Lookout Ridge" appear on your screen. If you do not see the message, you can force it to pop by Strength Training in the Training Yard, Training in the Arena, or Sleeping in your Room. After doing one of these activities, the message should appear. When it does, you can either Warp to it or manually navigate to the Lookout Ridge to trigger a cutscene.

    After the cutscene plays, you will now have access to the Dragon Temple from the world map, where you will have your first opportunity to snag the Silver Card. If you have already completed this mission, there is another method, though it is admittedly a bit harder to get. Nonetheless, now that you have access to the Dragon Temple, you can head to the next section to learn how to acquire the Silver Card!

    How To Obtain The Silver Card

    Now that you have access to the Dragon Temple, it's time to obtain the Silver Card. To do this, you will first need to obtain the Warp item from one of the Chests in the stage. We will go over how to get this item in the section below.

    Make sure you have the following Units in your party:

    – Someone that can use a Staff (Martial Munk, High Priest, Sage, Griffin Knight, etc.)

    – Someone with the Celica Emblem equipped.

    How To Get Warp

    Once you have selected your units and have loaded into the Divine Paralogue Dragon Temple encounter, you will notice a large castle with three rooms near the north end of it. The Warp item is located in a Chest in the leftmost room, but you must first open the door to access it. To do this, head to the centermost room and "Wait" on the sigil in the back of the room. This will open up the left room, allowing you to access the Chest.

    Be careful, however, as this encounter has many formidable enemies and will constantly summon Fabrications into the arena, which can be hard to deal with if you don't have a plan on how to deal with them. Furthermore, with the left door open, you will have to work your way through two Fabrications and a handful of ground units, making things very challenging.

    If you successfully clear out the enemies, make your way into the leftmost room and open the Chest to the right in the back of the room. This will have the Warp item you are looking for. While it may be tempting, DO NOT step on the sigil in this room, as it will open up the door on the rightmost portion of the castle, which allows the boss to move and attack, making things a nightmare to deal with. For now, keep them locked away until after you obtain the Silver Card.

    How To Obtain The Silver Card

    The Silver Card is located outside the arena, between the leftmost and center rooms, and directly beside the heart-shaped pond. You should see a sparkly tile right beside the pond. This is your target. To retrieve this item, you will need to use your recently acquired Warp item to Warp another character outside the map.

    In order to Warp someone, you will need to have a Staff-wielder have the Warp item, which can be done by having them open the Chest or by trading the item from whoever obtained it to them. Once that is done, get two Units as close as possible to the wall of the castle near the open area where the pond is, and have whoever has Warp teleport them out of the arena and near the pond.

    We strongly recommend Warping the character you have assigned the Celcia Emblem to and having her use her Warp Ragnarok to zip back into the arena after obtaining the Silver Card. Make sure your summon gauge is full before Warping out of the arena, or she will be stuck outside until the encounter is over.

    Nonetheless, when a character is Warped outside, have the Unit move, then Wait on top of the sparkly tile to acquire the Silver Card! This will give you a massive 30 percent discount at the Armory and Item Shops. – Be sure to complete the encounter to keep the item. This battle is quite challenging, especially if you do it as soon as it becomes available, so use caution!

    How To Get The Silver Card If You Missed It

    Already completed the Divine Paralogue Dragon Temple encounter? Fear not. There is still another way for you to obtain the Silver Card. You will just have to be a tad lucky. In order to get another chance at acquiring the Silver Card, you must roll the dice and hope one of your Skirmishes falls on the Divine Paralogue area in the overworld. If this happens, the only arena available will be the Dragon Temple, allowing you to take another crack at it.

    Skirmishes can be slightly manipulated by changing your System Clock ahead by a day, which can be a tad tedious. Still, if you see Skirmishes on locations you do not like or need, this method will allow you to keep getting new Skirmishes, which can eventually lead to landing one on the Dragon Temple, enabling you to snag the Silver Card you previously missed.

    Changing the System Clock can be done by hitting the Home Button on your controller and navigating to the System Settings. From there, head to System > Date and Time, then adjust it by a full day. Afterward, load back into Fire Emblem Engage and trigger a loading screen by heading the Somniel.

    When you finally do get a Skirmish on the Divine Paralogue tile, just follow the exact same steps from the "How To Obtain The Silver Card" section above to obtain the item. Whether you patiently wait for the Skirmish RNG Gods to roll in your favor or force it to happen, be sure to have your A-Game ready for the second encounter to get your discount!

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