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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes might be a Musou game, but at its heart it is still Fire Emblem. This means plenty of achievements to earn and collectibles to gather. Chiefly, you can find Documents scattered throughout the game.

These collectibles are not necessary in order to progress the game, and it doesn't seem that finding every single one unlocks a special ending or any other secrets. However, Achievements are yet another often overlooked mechanic of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and if you endeavor to become Fódlan's greatest historian, there might just be a reward for you in store.

What Are Documents?

Documents are a type of collectible found in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. They appear as small glowing blue spots seen while walking through the Camp, often found on surfaces such as tables or crates. You can view all the Documents you discover in the Journal in your Personal Quarters, under View Documents.

Every Document contains a little history about Fódlan and the three countries that occupy it. While finding Documents will not largely affect your playthrough overall, they do deepen the story a little bit, which is perfect for a Fire Emblem lore enthusiast.

The three houses of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes each have their own set of Documents to be discovered. However, they are all thematically the same, and found in the same locations. Each one just has a slightly different flavor to reflect the route you have chosen.

For instance, the Document found on the table behind the Strategist in Azure Gleam is called Kingdom Nobles I, whereas in Scarlet Blaze you will find Empire Nobles I in the same spot.

It is also worth noting that you cannot collect all the Documents at the very start of the game. Each time you complete a chapter, new Documents will appear throughout your Camp. If you didn't start Document hunting until Chapter 13, however, don't be alarmed. Any Documents you didn't discover when they first appeared will still be available to collect later on.

Where To Find All Documents

You can find all the Documents unlocked in the Camp at the following locations.

If you are having trouble remembering where all of the Facilities are located in your Camp, you can press the right bumper or "R" to pull up a Fast Travel menu to access any of them.

Nobles IIn the room behind the Strategist, at the end of the table.
Nobles IIOn a table along the very back wall of the Infirmary.
History of Fódlan IOn a desk beside the Tactics Instructor in the Tactics Academy.
History of Fódlan IIIn Tactics Academy, on one of the tables directly across from the wall of bookshelves.
Abyss DocumentOn top of a crate to the right of the Item Shopkeeper's stall.
Traveler's Journal IOn a table, just to the right of the door to the rightmost Common Area.
Traveler's Journal IIOn the same table, just to the right of the door to the rightmost Common Area, found in a later Chapter.
Dagda War JournalOn a picnic table directly across from the Chore Master, or just north of the Training Area.
Territories Book IOn the pulpit at the very back of the Chapel, in the northern part of camp.
Territories Book IIOn top of a crate behind the Kitchen Master's counter.
Bundle of IllustrationsOn the first table to the left as you enter the Infirmary.
Book of SeirosAt the edge of the very last bed on the left side inside the Infirmary.

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