Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Beginner Tips

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  • Don't Forget To Spend Your Renown
  • Utilize Elements
  • Check Out Your Quests
  • Spend All Your Points Before Moving On
  • Don't Neglect Your Orders
  • Experiment With Classes
  • More Vulneraries! More Slots!
  • Recruit Everyone You Can
  • The Convoy Is Your Friend

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes offers a new, alternative version of events from the original game, and features all the old favorite characters while adding some new ones. It's a fast-paced Musou game with a ton of things to do even off the battlefield, so it can feel a tiny bit overwhelming for newbies to the genre.

Read on to find some of our carefully curated tips for beginners – from combat strategies to advice on how to spend your time off the battlefield, we'll help you make the most of the game.

Don't Forget To Spend Your Renown

There are a few ways to get Renown, a currency that you can spend at your personal quarters in exchange for valuable items. Unlike the other facilities in the camp, however, the game will not tell you whenever you have enough Renown to purchase something – make it a habit to check your Renown levels every now and then and buy all the stat boosters you can!

A great way to get excess Renown is to do chores for the Choremaster. Not only can you build supports between your units, but you'll get Renown based on how great your bonds are – compatible units will earn more Renown.

Utilize Elements

There are six elements in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and they can all be used offensively to boost your chances of winning a battle. While most of these elements are only really exploitable with magic spells, some characters have abilities that utilize elements. For example, Dimitri can imbue his attacks with lightning for a short period of time using his unique ability.

Use the elements to your advantage and know exactly how to exploit them.

FireInflicts the burning status, which damages them over time. Burning enemies will sometimes explode for more damage when you hit them.
IceFreezes enemies on the spot. They cannot attack and cannot defend, making it very easy to whittle down their Stun Gauges.
WindInflicts the windtorn status, which makes enemies take far more damage if they are struck while in the air. Characters who are good at launching or juggling enemies are the best exploiters of this.
LightningInflicts the shocked status. Hitting a shocked enemy into the air may cause lightning to spread out of them, hurting surrounding enemies.
DarknessDark attacks can inflict the spellbound status. This will reduce an enemy's defenses, make them unable to guard, and reduce their movement speed.
LightOffensive light attacks have a chance to drain some HP for the user.

Check Out Your Quests

The War Map is full of regions to explore, fight in, and conquer, all leading up to the main battle of the current chapter. It's a good idea to explore every region fully, acquiring every reward you can before moving on to the next chapter. This way, you'll get more items, more materials, and more experience.

Some regions cannot be surveyed until you complete a certain quest, the requirements for which will be noted in the region's description. Check out these requirements early on in the chapter so you can make sure you work your way towards fulfilling them as soon as possible.

Spend All Your Points Before Moving On

You have access to two pools of points that are used to complete certain activities in your camp. The first is Activity Points, which are used to do chores, take characters on expeditions, and cook meals. The second is Training Points, which are used at the Training Instructor to boost your characters' class and weapon experience.

These points will refill whenever you start a new chapter, so make sure you're completely spent out before taking on a chapter's main battle. They're wasted, otherwise.

Don't Neglect Your Orders

The game will touch on it quite early on, but it's important to highlight just how useful, if not crucial, Orders are to completing battles. Your units are pretty effective even when you're not controlling them personally, so you can make quick work of a fight if you direct them smartly.

Send units to take objectives held by enemies that they can take on reliably, assign healers and tanks to guard your more fragile characters, and delegate any chest-opening tasks to your Locktouch characters.

Intelligent use of Orders is an easy way to consistently get an S Ranking for completion time on the results screen.

Experiment With Classes

You don't have to religiously follow the class line that the game suggests to you. Especially when you've mastered a class, it can be very beneficial to experiment and try new classes. Not only will you be able to round out a character's stats a bit, but you can grab new skills that they may find very useful.

For example, the Priest class will often teach the situationally clutch Miracle skill, and Grappler offers the very nice Rejuvenation skill once mastered.

This can be a pretty costly strategy, so make sure you're only unlocking the classes that you think will make a difference.

More Vulneraries! More Slots!

Once you unlock the Tactics Instructor, you'll be able to improve your units in a variety of ways – such as increasing how many Warrior Gauges they have and enhancing their unique abilities.

Two of the most beneficial upgrades to get for your favorite characters as soon as possible are the Increase Recovery Item Uses and Increase Ability Slots upgrades. These will let you last longer in battle and customize your character better. The latter is especially useful later on in the game, when you'll have more abilities than you know how to deal with.

Hitting the Plus button while selecting a Tactic will let you enter a Group Session, allowing you to train your entire army at once. This is obviously costly but saves a ton of time.

Recruit Everyone You Can

This is far more relevant to players on Classic mode, but will still be useful for those on Casual. Whenever you enter the main battle of a chapter, you'll get the opportunity to plan out some special strategies. Every now and then, these strategies will mention recruiting a character to your side – it's a very good idea to take these strategies as often as possible.

Not only will you get more units to play around with and test out, but they can help fill the gaps left by any fallen soldiers (if you play on Classic, where knocked-out units will be gone permanently). The characters you can recruit will vary depending on which route you're on.

The Convoy Is Your Friend

It's a good idea to check out your convoy and toy with your units' equipment before every battle. It's tempting to attempt to kit out your entire roster evenly, but this will lead you to stretch your resources too thinly, leaving you with underequipped characters.

To solve this, make it a habit to equip only the units you take into battle with you, and rearrange their equipment at the start of every battle. Not only will this help you familiarize yourself with their special abilities, but you'll get to know exactly which pieces of equipment work for you, which can be recycled or sold, and which may be better suited to different characters.

The characters you don't take into battle simply don't have a chance of showing up, so don't worry about leaving them unequipped.

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