First Images Leak From Just Cause Studio’s Medieval Roguelike Ravenbound

The first images from Avalanche Studio's rumoured medieval roguelike Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt have leaked online.

Earlier in the week, Tom Henderson reported for eXputer that Avalanche Studios, best known for creating the Just Cause games, is working on a medieval roguelike called Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt, although it's currently codenamed Jackdaw. Henderson reported that Ravenbound takes place in the fictional land of Avalt, where players take on the role of a "Vessel of the Raven", while Twitter account just4leaks2 provided more gameplay details.

Following the leak from Henderson and Twitter account just4leaks2, images have been shared online by Twitter user Mr_Rebs_ that give us a first look at what Ravenbound looks like.

The first screenshot shows the character stood near a castle, while their objectives tell them about "becoming a vessel". The top-left of the screen shows what looks like the character's level, followed by what looks like a buff of some kind. The second screenshot is a bit more interesting and shows the hero in combat with a spear, about to strike an enemy. Both images contain the game's logo and subtitle, Tales of Avalt.

More gameplay details were revealed by Henderson and just4leaks2, such as the player being able to transform into a raven and view enemies from above to see their difficulty. The player also gets to choose between vessels once they die, with each having different traits, which sounds similar to Rogue Legacy. According to Henderson's sources, Ravenbound will have different seasons of content, which indicates that it might be a live service game.

Interestingly, this isn't the only title that Avalanche Studios is currently working on, as it was confirmed last year to be developing Contraband, a multiplayer game that is rumoured to focus on vehicle combat. That project was announced last year and we've still not seen gameplay of it, yet Ravenbound is clearly in a somewhat playable state. Whether this means it's further along in development that Contraband is impossible to tell without seeing the latter, but it's interesting to learn that the studio is working on two titles.

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