Floor Kids And Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Are Coming To Stadia

Stadia today announced Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Floor Kids are “coming soon” to its streaming catalog. Floor Kids – a breakdancing-themed rhythm game – will drop on April 14, followed by Bloodstained at an unannounced date.

Floor Kids released a few years ago on Nintendo Switch and PC. The unique game sees you build up a crew of “bboys and bgirls, unlocking new venues as you traverse the city, busting hundreds of different moves and countless combinations on your journey for the corner to the club.” Much of the game revolves around its soundtrack and rhythm gameplay – both of which were a breath of fresh air when Floor Kids first launched.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect when it launches on Stadia:

  • 8 unique characters each with 16 moves and over 100 transitions between them.
  • 8 different locations and over 40 different tracks.
  • Stylized hand-drawn animations by award-winning animator JonJon.
  • Original music and sound design by world-renowned scratch DJ/producer Kid Koala.
  • A single-player story mode as well as two-player breakdance battles.
  • Innovative freestyle controls allow for improvisation and creativity.
  • A scoring system that rewards musicality, originality, feel, and style.

On the other end of the spectrum is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This Metroidvania sees you traversing moody 2D environments as you slay hordes of demons and unravel its deep narrative.

Bloodstained generated quite a bit of buzz on its initial launch, but here’s a quick recap if the title never crossed your radar:

  • Deep single-player narrative.
  • Features a new story in the gothic dark fantasy style of Koji Igarashi, the celebrated godfather of “Igavania” games.
  • Story cutscenes, multiple playable characters, and NPC interactions fully voice-acted by actors like David Hayter, Ray Chase, and Erica Lindbeck.
  • Character & gameplay customization via gear, upgradable spells, and cosmetics.
  • Features 2.5D graphics.

While Floor Kids is expected to launch on April 14, Bloodstained is yet to get a release date. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more news on its eventual arrival.

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