Forspoken: Chapter 1 – Attachments Walkthrough

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For a game that had such a flashy, action-packed marketing campaign, Forspoken begins with a rather calm, peaceful opening in a New York City courtroom. Of course, from there, things escalate a little and we get to see some of Frey's skills.

Forspoken's first chapter is great at setting up Frey as the game's protagonist and gives us some hints as to her personality, her past, and her likes and dislikes. It also features a very adorable cat, and it's not a very long chapter at all – here's everything that happens.

Frey At Court

The first thing you have to do in Forspoken is familiarizing yourself with your protagonist, Frey. Examine the three documents laid out in front of you to learn more about her – specifically her upbringing, her past involvement with law enforcement, and her origin as an abandoned orphan in New York.

Watch the following scenes.

New York City

When you gain control of Frey, your first objective is simple – just walk forward, toward the map marker.

Forspoken's map markers are incredibly useful, often updating as you get close instead of just aiming at a single point on the map. Use them!

Turn the corner and press on until another cutscene occurs. After the scene, you'll begin a chase sequence. Hit the left analog stick to sprint and continue following the map markers. Frey will automatically parkour while sprinting, but you may need to jump to get over tall obstacles.

After leaving the alley, leap over the barrier in front of you and enter the next alley on the left, as Frey instructs.

Getting too close to the gang members at any point will cause a game over, so parkour over the nearby taxi's hood.

Continue on through the next alleyway to reach safety.

Frey's Apartment

Use the ladder in front of you to reach Frey's apartment, which you enter through the window.

After the short introduction to the Archive, examine the following objects:

  • The cat food on the counter.
  • The shoebox of personal keepsakes.
  • The sneakers on the wall.
  • The book on the coffee table.
  • The bag full of money in the bedroom.

After this, leave the bedroom to meet Homer, Frey's cat.

After the cutscene, walk into the kitchen to find Homer underneath the kitchen counter, then examine the fiery bedroom, and finally, head to the window that you entered the apartment through.

The Abandoned Shop

After the cutscenes, use the ladder to get down off the high platform. Drop off the ledge to the left and run toward the shop window.

Continue on to the right, jump up to the second ledge using the pallets as a platform, and then enter the shop. Take the stairs down and examine the cuff on the table. This is the end of Chapter 1.

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