Forspoken: Chapter 10 – The Truth Will Out Walkthrough

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Things seem to be reaching a climax in Forspoken, don't they? With two Tantas eradicated, Frey is pretty set on her next target: Tanta Cinta, the Tanta of Love, and someone she has a personal connection to, as it turns out. This chapter, however, has another thing in store, and there are lots of twists and turns yet to make themselves known.

This chapter is pretty hectic and features a few new enemies to take down, including one with a new mechanic to learn. Here's everything you need to know about completing the tenth chapter.

Where Now?

Once you have control of Frey, leave your room and enter Auden's library. You can't enter her main room, but you can knock on the inner door. If you picked up the giril in Chapter 8, leave it on the table for Auden.

Before heading to the archive to continue the story, explore Cipal for the new events that have appeared: talk to the Tavernkeeper and Councilwoman Dax, interact with Olevia's Cat, and pray for Robian at the steps to the castle.

When you're ready, enter the archives for a scene with Johedy. Frey will resolve to leave Cipal at this point, but instead, turn around and go back into the archives and talk to Johedy again – she'll give you the Naee Aasha necklace, along with a severe guilt trip.

Now, leave the city through the main gates.

New York, Part Two

After the cutscene, Frey finds herself back in New York, in an apartment that looks very similar to the one she began the game in. Examine the following items to progress the story:

  • The book.
  • The sneakers on the wall.
  • The magazine on the side table.
  • The cat food.
  • The bag.

There will be a short cutscene – go change at the wardrobe after this.

From now on, just follow the map markers – there are no detours to take, just let the story take you where it needs you to go. When you reach the streets, pause for a few seconds at the floating event markers (the question marks) to gain a little experience – this will happen twice before you reach your final destination.

Eventually, you'll reach a cutscene with a woman who looks like Tanta Cinta and a man with Cuff's voice.

Waking Up

Immediately after the cutscene, you'll be in combat. This will introduce you to a new mechanic in the game – Lanterns. You can think of these as enemy spawners, summoning Phantom versions of monsters that you've been fighting throughout the game.

You'll fight two varieties of Lantern in this chapter – the first is the Oryggi Lantern, the easier of the two. To finish these fights, ignore the Phantoms it summons as best as you can and destroy the Lantern as quickly as possible.

After destroying the first Lantern, the barrier in front of you will drop. Continue on and destroy the second Lantern down the street. The barrier this Lantern was generating is behind you, so backtrack a little and then head up the ramp to the side.

This sequence is pretty simple – destroy the Lantern, then follow the map markers to the next one.

Eventually, you'll reach a new type of Lantern, the Bardaga Lantern. These have a barrier around them, protecting them from damage. To take the barrier down, you'll need to destroy certain Phantoms that it has summoned – you can see which Phantoms you need to target by looking at the faint lines that connect them to the Lantern. Once you beat the Phantoms in question, try to destroy the Bardaga Lantern as quickly as possible – it will resummon the Phantoms and its barrier after a few moments.

As you proceed, you'll soon end up retracing Frey's steps from the start of the game, but in reverse. When you head through an alley, be wary, as the next Lantern has a Phantom Goliath summoned – these are very tough enemies with a constant regeneration effect. If you haven't faced them before, you'll need to learn to use Prav's Naedre spell to poison them, which neutralizes their healing effect and makes them easy to take out. Aim for the back of their head to deal extra damage.

After retracing the beginning of the game, you'll reach the end of the road. After the cutscene, you'll be faced with Tanta Olas's super special illusion: the Senseless Savant.

How To Beat Senseless Savant

This is an interesting boss with two phases, though that's not obvious from the off. The Senseless Savant has a lot of lightning-themed attacks that last a long time on the battlefield, so you'll want to be aware of your surroundings.

  • It can summon a ball of lightning on the ground, which it then sends slowly at you. It will track you for a long time, so be aware of it.
  • It has a Piercing attack that involves sending lightning directly into the ground. A circle will appear around Frey's feet and follow her for a while – you'll need to dodge constantly to avoid the eventual lightning strike.
  • One attack involves gathering energy in front of it and blasting it at you. It's a fast attack but has an obvious telegraph.
  • It has the ability to create a lightning barrier, which counts as an Unblockable attack, making it impossible to get near it. Just stay at a safe range.
  • It can turn itself invisible. When it does this, it will try to set up a quick Piercing melee attack. To avoid this, you can just start Flowing when it turns invisible and don't stop until it reveals itself. If you're low on Stamina though, just try your best to watch for the Piercing attack indicator.

The Senseless Savant is weak to Olas's Magic, so that's the best option for this battle. As you'll likely be keeping a decent range from the boss, Chain Bolt is a good attacking spell to use. Olas also has some very useful support spells to take advantage of, too:

  • The boss can be poisoned, so Naedre is good for getting a little extra damage in.
  • The boss is also not immune to the effects of Oubliette, so you can deal a ton of damage by trapping it and bursting the bubble with a fully charged Chain Bolt.
  • Maelstrom is actually a fantastic counter to the Senseless Savant's ability to turn invisible. If you catch it with the torrent of water as it turns invisible, it'll get staggered enough that you'll always know where it is – right in the Maelstrom.

All in all, this isn't too tough a fight – just learn its attacks and make liberal use of Flow to ensure you avoid its trickier strategies. Equipment that improves your Stamina regeneration might help out a ton if you're struggling.

Once you reduce the boss to zero health, don't let up – there is a second phase to the battle. Once the Senseless Savant gets back up, it has a few new sensory tricks up its sleeves.

At certain points in the second phase, the boss will eliminate one of your senses for a while. Its attacks are the same as in the first phase, but the complications and confusion that may arise from your senses being messed with may make things harder.

  • When the boss takes away your hearing, the only difference is a weird screen filter and the lack of Cuff giving you warnings.
  • When the boss takes away your sight, you won't be able to lock onto the boss until the effect is about to end and you won't be able to see the boss unless it's standing right next to you.
  • When the boss takes away your cognition, you can't use attack spells. You can still use support spells, though, so try to use them, or just wait the effect out.

After you've experienced these three effects, they'll start cycling for the rest of the battle.

Once you've damaged the Senseless Savant a bit in this second phase, it will create two Phantom versions of itself. They will use the same attack set as the main boss, but you should still try and burst down the boss and ignore them. This just adds some more chaos to the fight and makes certain attacks harder to dodge – as long as you're using a good ranged spell (like Chain Bolt), the extra Phantoms shouldn't provide too much extra difficulty.

Once you've beaten the boss, you'll have completed Chapter 10.

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