Forspoken: Chapter 13 – New Beginnings Walkthrough

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The ending of the previous chapter leaves you on quite a high note, with the evil demon that threatens Athia's livelihood defeated and sealed away. That doesn't mean Frey's job is over now – she is now the only Tanta the people have, and has dubbed herself the Breakwarden, a defender of the people against the Break.

While Forspoken's postgame doesn't have many Detours to take on, the ones it does have can be a bit involved, and there are some fun challenges to take on. In addition, there's a whole world to explore without any pressure being placed on you, now that the biggest threat to humanity is back, curled around Frey's forearm.

Keeper Of The Peace

While you may have completed the game in the previous chapter, there are still things to do. Once you reach the postgame, Frey is reunited with Cuff, who now takes the form of some sort of golden tattoo around Frey's arm, and their conversations will reflect the revelations that occurred over the last few chapters.

An interesting tidbit is now that you know that it was Cuff sealed away in the Locked Labyrinths spread out across Athia, the dialogue at the end of each labyrinth will reference that fact!

You'll begin the chapter in Cipal, naturally. In addition to the new Detours listed below, there are a bunch of new events to go witness:

  • You can complete the final Cat chases and obtain the last two Poppets.
  • Talk to the Tavernkeeper, Wallace, Milia, the Augur's Aide, and Councilor Treahy.
  • After talking to the Augur's Aide, go to Finders Keepers to find Eleph's Knife. Talk to the Augur's Aide again about the knife.
  • Talk to Councillor Bellette at the apple stall, and then again in the Council Chambers.

There are more events in this chapter, but first, some Detours!

Detour: Cipal Reborn

Find Pilo and talk to him to begin this quest, which involves helping the Cipalians rebuild their city. Follow Pilo through Cipal until you resolve to help the needy – there are three people you need to help.

  • The first is a man who needs cat food. This is a very simple quest – the other man with the cat food is right here in Cipal. Just find him, obtain the cat food, and deliver it to the first man.
  • The second is a woman who wants some red flowers that only grow outside Cipal – specifically, they are located in The Sacred Peaks. To help you get to the Sacred Peaks easily, if you haven't been there already, a new gate will open in the north of Cipal. Head to the map maker to get the flowers and then deliver them to the woman.
  • The third is a young boy who wants a bench. To satisfy this request, you'll need to head to the village of Minera in Brass Hollow, located in Praenost. It's not a long trip – just head there, get the bench, and head back.

With those three small requests completed, you'll finish the Detour and get a nice chunk of experience.

After completing Cipal Reborn, you'll unlock a new mini-detour – Dancing in Cipal: Encore. This is a much harder version of the rhythm game you could have completed with Pilo in Chapter 6. To start this, talk to Pilo. Follow the button prompts – they're the same every time, so if you find yourself messing up too much, you can write down the prompts to be ready for next time and get further into the song. You'll get a very large boost in experience for completing this task.

With those tasks done, you can go find Olevia's Cat for a new event.

Detour: Lost Lullabies

Talk to Johedy on the steps to the archive to start this Detour. After the scene, follow the map marker to the top of the Tower of Binnoi to talk to Jennesh, who will give you the Tiny Key. Your next destination is Junoon Castle, and the western Grove Gate will be unlocked to help you in this, though you could always fast-travel to the refuge in Junoon Castle Town, which would be quicker.

Head to Junoon Castle. When you enter the courtyard, you'll be attacked by three waves of Nightmares, consisting of Riven Antlers, Riven Carcasses, and then Riven Wings. After dealing with the Nightmares, you can enter the castle through the hole in the wall that you took at the very start of the game.

Retrace your steps, following the map markers and watching the cutscenes as you go. In the final room, examine the picture frame to complete the Detour.

After this Detour, you can return to the top of the Tower of Binnoi to witness a new event. Enter the cell at the top and talk to the guards there.

In addition, you can now pray for the Tantas and Tanta Cinta, specifically. Praying for all four people: Olevia, Robian, the Tantas, and Cinta, will net you an achievement.

Detour: A Blast From The Past

This Detour will begin immediately after the previous Detour ends. It involves Frey wanting to retrace the various steps of her journey and get strong enough to hold back Cuff's influence.

Functionally, this is a boss gauntlet that takes you all over Athia. They work just like the Flashbacks that you take on through Monuments to Wisdom, with time limits and scores to attain. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what you want from boss rematches), the bosses aren't changed in any way, so you'll likely smash through all of them bar the last one, and even then, the last one is easy when you know what you're doing.

The table below lists the various bosses in the order that you have to take them on. To start these Flashbacks, you need to head to the location stated – the map marker will always show you the way to the current destination.



Time Limit



The middle of Junoon Castle Town

10 minutes

Mana, Welkin materials

Tanta Sila

The throne room of Praenost Castle

10 minutes

Mana, Lambent materials

Tanta Prav

The courtyard of Avoalet Castle

15 minutes

Mana, Leaden materials

Senseless Savant

The throne room of Visoria Castle

15 minutes

Mana, Fervid materials


The square in Cipal

20 minutes

Mana, Lucid materials

  • These boss fight sequences will play out in full, cutscenes included. You can skip them from the main menu, though.
  • If you hit the top score threshold, your reward will be Blooms. If you don't hit the top threshold, you'll get Clusters.
  • During the Tanta Prav fight, you'll also have to go through the three rounds of regular enemies. Defeating them does not give you any bonus points as they would in a normal Flashback.
  • The fight against Susurrus does not include the first phase on top of the Dragon.

What To Do Next

After beating Susurrus, the Detour is complete. After this, the world is your oyster and the only thing left to do is explore, get stronger, and complete all the small tasks that Forspoken has to offer. Here are some recommendations:

  • Complete every task in every region. During this, you'll acquire enough Photo Spots to complete the New Perspectives Detour.
  • Get the highest scores on all the Flashbacks.
  • Get all the achievements.
  • Purchase everything you can, including all of the books from the bookseller, the cat toys from the cat lover, and the curious items from the Curious Merchant, who can be found in Inner Visoria.

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